The Peach Festival Announces VIP Sets From Oteil & Metzger, Ghost Light, Joel Cummins, Mihali

first_imgEarlier in the year, The Peach Music Festival finalized its highly anticipated lineup for its 2018 edition, which will take place at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania, from July 19th through 22nd, almost a full month earlier than it has in previous years. Last month, the event confirmed their daily lineups, and last week, the festival announced their “After Midnight” sets.Today, The Peach Festival has further expanded their lineup, announcing their 2018 VIP sets. On Friday, the festival will host two VIP performances, including one solo set from Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee and one solo set from Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle. On Saturday, VIP attendees will be treated to sets from Pap and Po (also known as Pappy and JP Biondo of Cabinet), as well as Ghost Light, the relatively new project featuring Holly Bowling, Tom Hamilton, Steve Lyons, Raina Mullen, and Scotty Zwang. Finally, on Sunday, the VIP schedule will be rounded out by a special set from Oteil Burbridge and Scott Metzger, who will also be performing together that day with Oteil & Friends.The festival notes that VIP tickets are almost sold out. Tickets for The Peach Festival and more information on the event are available now via the event’s website.last_img read more

Studying environmental issues in China

first_img Related Global Health Institute volunteer shares his ‘uncomfortable icebreaker’ Global power for global powers Harvard student finds his place in rural Uganda 30 years of the Safra Center Experience at world’s largest utility company informs call for nations to share energy A group of Harvard undergraduates spent the summer in China, working on solutions to an array of environmental problems ranging from examining ozone pollution’s effects on crops to analyzing household electricity demand to studying ways to remediate arsenic contamination of groundwater.The summer internships extended from late June until mid-August and brought eight students to Beijing and Hong Kong, where they lived and worked at Beijing’s Tsinghua University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The internships were jointly sponsored by the Harvard China Project and the Harvard Global Institute.China Project faculty chair Michael McElroy, the Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, said the internships foster relationships between Harvard and institutions in China, as well as help students understand the international dimensions of global environmental issues.“My hope is that our students will gain an important international perspective,” McElroy said. “When they graduate from Harvard, they’ll be citizens of the world. They will have a sense of at least some of the major problems that the world has to face.”,McElroy said it was clear decades ago that anyone who cared about the global environment would have to pay attention to China. Today, with the Chinese economy the world’s second largest, the nation’s global environmental importance is even more obvious.“Even 20 years ago, it was clear that what happened in China would have global significance,” McElroy said.The students lived in dormitories on the campuses and worked in the labs of faculty members, some of whom received degrees or conducted fellowships at Harvard.Senior Katie Schluntz worked in the Tsinghua University lab of Associate Professor Jing Cao to develop a computer model that reflected household electricity demand, including variables such as the number of appliances in a household, the appliances’ ages, and local weather data to estimate heating and cooling needs.,“A lot of policy is not just on the supply side, but on the demand side, so it’s really important to be able to understand how households are consuming this energy and how responsive they are to things like changes in the weather, especially now with climate change,” said Schluntz, a Quincy House economics concentrator.Schluntz, who speaks Mandarin, began by translating 30 pages of survey data into English so she could better understand it. During the week, she worked side by side with Jing’s doctoral students, and on weekends got out and saw China. She visited Qufu, Confucius’ hometown, and climbed nearby Tai Mountain on a hike that started at midnight — and included hundreds of other visitors — in order to reach the summit by dawn.“We hiked the whole time surrounded by a sea of people,” Schluntz said.Andrei Iliescu, a junior chemistry concentrator from Adams House, worked in the lab of Tsinghua University Associate Professor Deyi Hou, who investigates soil and water pollution with an eye toward remediation. The project involved arsenic contamination of groundwater that feeds residential wells.,Much of the contamination, Iliescu said, stems from natural geological factors common in various parts of the country, though some is because of industrial pollution. Iliescu conducted a literature search to compile a review article on arsenic contamination and strategies to fight it. He also traveled to a rural village with other students in Hou’s lab to build residential arsenic filters. Outside the lab, Iliescu visited the Great Wall and traveled to Shanghai. A student intern learns about ethics, and the evolving issues surrounding them “I really enjoyed what I was doing and the [broader] experience there,” Iliescu said.Drew Pendergrass, a junior physics and math concentrator, worked in the lab of Assistant Professor Amos Tai at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on a project to understand how the severity of ozone pollution changes with different atmospheric variables.Pendergrass was the only Harvard intern not in Beijing, and lived with other international students in a dormitory at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Outside the lab, the highlights included meeting with officials of the Hong Kong environmental protection office and a side trip to Thailand.Pendergrass said the experience gave him a taste of the complexity of environmental problems — and of the math that might be used to help solve them.“It’s encouraging there’s so much interesting work to be done to figure this out,” Pendergrass said.last_img read more

Vermonter Rick Cochran is national Small Business Person of the Year

first_img# # # Mobile Medical International Corporation (MMIC),When Rick Cochran was working with five employees in his basement in Walden, Vt., his dream was to find a way to provide advanced medical care to underserved areas, and build a company that could deliver it. Today, the Vermont manufacturer of state-of-the-art mobile healthcare and diagnostic units was named 2011 National Small Business Person of the year by Karen Mills, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Mills made the announcement during ceremonies at SBA’s celebration of National Small Business Week in Washington, DC.First runner-up is Deborah Carey, president and founder of the New Glarus Brewing Company, in New Glarus in southwestern Wisconsin. Second runner-up is Leigh Kamstra, owner and chef of Roma’s Ristorante in Spearfish, S.D., north of the Black Hills.‘The innovation, inspiration and determination shown by Rick Cochran and his employees have elevated his company, Mobile Medical International, to a level that is above and beyond the norm,’ said Mills. ‘These are the qualities that make small businesses such a powerful force for job creation in the American economy and in their local communities. Rick had a dream and he persisted ‘ creating jobs, winning the loyalty of his team, and filling a need in the marketplace that has taken Mobile Medical from his basement to a worldwide stage. We are especially proud that when Rick Cochran’s company needed financing, he turned to the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the SBA was able to help him.‘I applaud Rick and his team, and I applaud the runners-up and their staffs, and all of the state small business persons of the year who are here today,’ Mills said. ‘We are all grateful for their contributions to our economy. They are magnificent examples of the character of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.’The National Small Business Person of the Year and runners-up were selected from among the state winners in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and Guam. All are being honored this week in Washington, D.C., as part of National Small Business Week. The awards were announced at today’s National Awards Luncheon, sponsored by Sam’s Club at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.For Cochran the road began when he left a job at an advanced medical equipment provider to establish his first venture, Outpatient Services of America, a consulting firm specializing in planning and developing ambulatory surgery centers. His plan evolved in 1994, when he researched and created an initial design for a mobile surgery unit and established Mobile Medical International, working from his basement with a staff of five. By 1995, he had the capital, and by 1996, he had his prototype.At first, he provided temporary solutions for hospitals undergoing renovations, but he was able to expand the business into broader commercial, military, and emergency response applications worldwide. During one rough patch in 1999, much of his core team ‘ inspired by Cochran’s perseverance, optimism and faith ‘ worked without pay when financing ran dry and the company nearly closed its doors. They were re-imbursed later, when the company rebounded. The company also secured financing support from three SBA-backed loans in 1997, 2005 and 2008.MMI’s products include mobile surgical hospitals built into a semi-sized tractor-trailer and an inflatable hospital ward that fits into a trailer pulled by a Humvee. To date, MMIC has 22 mobile healthcare units in its product line, including Mobile Breast Care Centers, Mobile Intensive Care, Mobile Laboratory/Pharmacy, Mobile CT Scan/Dental/Ophthalmology, Mobile Ophthalmology and Mobile Endoscopy Units.Today, MMI’s staff has grown to 54, and net income ‘ just $9,835 in 2008 ‘ rose in 2010 to $1.68 million on gross revenues of more than $14 million.First runner-up Carey developed her business plan for the New Glarus Brewing Company while her husband Dan, a master brewer, gathered the materials, grains and equipment needed for start-up. In 1993 they negotiated to lease a warehouse in New Glarus, exchanging the lease for stock in the company. They sold their home and raised $40,000 in seed money, yet still needed more cash to fund the startup. Carey pitched her story to local newspapers, and the media attention brought in $200,000 from investors.In the early days, the couple worked hard to establish the brewery’s reputation for consistent quality beers. Carey based her plan on developing a very loyal customer base. She set up beer tasting classes along with offering brewery tours, and the brewery started to take off, attracting notice from distributors. New Glarus Brewing Company has grown to 50 full-time employees, has registered growth in profits of 123 percent from 2007 to 2009, and is Wisconsin’s number one micro-brewery relative to sales volume.Kamstra, the second runner-up, had been eyeing an old, dilapidated stone building that had stood empty while she was a college student attending Black Hills State University. She didn’t know exactly at the time how or why, but she knew somehow her future would be in that building.After earning a degree in business and 10 years in banking, Kamstra changed course and earned a degree in culinary arts at the Colorado Institute of art. In 1999, with the help of an SBA-guaranteed loan, Kamstra leased the old dilapidated building, refurbished it and opened Roma’s Ristorante. When the old building proved too small, Kamstra adapted, securing another SBA-backed loan in 2010 to finance construction of a new building, with more space. Since then, sales have nearly doubled and staff has increased from 11 to 35. Small Business Week 2011 sponsors and cosponsors include: Association of Small Business Development Companies, AT&T, AVAYA, CareerBuilder, Dun & Bradstreet, Google, International Franchise Association, Intuit, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, National Association of Development Companies, National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders, National Association of Small Business Investment Companies, National Association for the Self-Employed, National Small Business Association, Nomadic Display, Northrop Grumman, Office Depot, Raytheon, Sam’s Club, SCORE, The Neat Company, Verio, Visa, the Wall Street Journal, andlast_img read more

Guatemala Captures Alleged Drug Lord Wanted In US

first_img Guatemala’s Interior Minister announced the arrest of Elio Lorenzana, an alleged drug lord wanted on trafficking charges in the United States. Lorenzana is the son of Waldemar Lorenzana, 71, known as “El Patriarca” (The Patriarch) and arrested in April on U.S. drug trafficking charges. The U.S. Treasury Department was offering a U.S. $200,000 bounty for Elio Lorenzana’s arrest. The Lorenzana family owns 15 businesses in eastern Guatemala, including gasoline stations and companies involved in construction, transportation and fruit exports. U.S. officials accuse the elder Lorenzana of having links with two notorious. Mexican drug lords, Ismael Zambaba Garcia and Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, both top members of the dangerous Sinaloa Cartel. Elio Lorenzana was arrested in a raid in the village of Los Llanos, some 130 kilometers east of Guatemala City, Interior Minister Carlos Menocal told reporters. Elio Lorenzana, “like his father, is accused of the crime of conspiracy to international drug trafficking” and is wanted by a U.S. federal court, said Prosecutor General Claudia Paz. Lorenzana, however, told reporters that he offered no resistance when he was arrested at home because he is innocent of all charges. There is a similar U.S. bounty for information leading to the arrest of each of Elio’s two older brothers, Haroldo and Waldemar. Central America has become a staging ground for illegal narcotics, especially cocaine coming from South America and making its way north to the lucrative U.S. market. The region has increasingly become tainted by violence as Mexican drug cartels that smuggle the drugs across the U.S. border form alliances with local criminals. By Dialogo November 10, 2011last_img read more

In Memoriam

first_img November 1, 2005 In Memoriam In Memoriam Walter G. Bell, Winter Haven Admitted 1950; Died July 8, 2005 Jean Gillespie Booher, Ft. Lauderdale Admitted 1979; Died June 9, 2005 Morton Paul Brown, Miami Admitted 1961; Died March 7, 2005 Vassar B. Carlton, Franklin, NC Admitted 1937; Died August 31, 2005 Lawrence Lee Carnes, Tallahassee Admitted 1970; Died August 16, 2005 Stephen David Feinberg, Orlando Admitted 1976; Died August 8, 2005 Darrell Fennell, Vero Beach Admitted 1960; Died October 27, 2004 Stewart Meyers Flam, Pittsburgh, PA Admitted 1976; Died June 6, 2005 Robert A. Galisson, Whippany, JN Admitted 1972; Died July 29, 2005 Stanley M. Goldstein, Biscayne Park Admitted 1968; Died May 17, 2004 James A. Guest, Sarasota Admitted 1975; Died August 17, 2004 Aileen N. Hammond, Marietta, GA Admitted 1992; Died November 27, 2004 Robin Arthur Jacob, Arlington, TX Admitted 1971; Died October 2, 2004 Richard Kelly, Hamilton, MT Admitted 1952; Died August 22, 2005 Stuart Edwin Kocha, North Palm Beach Admitted 1965; Died July 29, 2005 Thomas A. Larkin, Tampa Admitted 1950; Died July 29, 2005 Jeffrey Bernard Levkoff, Sarasota Admitted 1972; Died July 21, 2005 Teddy Lee Montoto, South Miami Admitted 1989; Died August 6, 2005 Alan Henry Otte, Tampa Admitted 1972; Died April 9, 2005 Sheldon Theodore Slatkin, Coral Springs Admitted 1981; Died August 10, 2005 Pamela J. Smoak, Panama City Admitted 1986; Died August 1, 2005 James M. Stevens, Tarpon Springs Admitted 1949; Died August 23, 2005 John T. Ware III, South Pasadena Admitted 1961; Died August 20, 2005 In Memoriamlast_img read more

Who is Zephyr Teachout? A Candidate Who Wants Your Votes, Democrats

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Zephyr Teachout is on fire.Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s challenger in the September 9th Democratic primary seems to have blown in out of nowhere, but as endorsements pour in from such groups as the New York State chapter of the National Organization of Women, the Sierra Club, and most recently, The Nation, it’s clear that she may be more than a passing breeze.Despite Cuomo’s attempts to knock the Fordham University law professor off the ballot by challenging her New York residency (she hails from Vermont, but has lived in New York for the requisite last five years) twice, and his refusal to acknowledge her demands for a public debate, she is inching her way into the public’s consciousness.Teachout is hoping to capitalize on the left’s disappointment in Cuomo’s right-leaning positions and leadership, which had promised an end to corruption in Albany but has instead highlighted just how entrenched that corruption is. She’s been hammering Cuomo on these and many other topics while swinging through communities across the state on a recent “Whistleblower Tour,” attempting to chip away at the giant lead his monumental advertising budget, incumbency, and name recognition provides.Any potential—and what would be, historic—upset depends on dissatisfied, hardcore Democrats showing up for the primary next week, she told the Press on a recent campaign stop at the Southampton Farmers’ Market on Sunday, August 24.Apropos, then, perhaps, that her first name is Greek for “west wind”—as she is a force blown in from the left.“There are going to be 700,000 votes,” she explained while moving booth to booth shaking locals’ hands and asking them questions about how to get their needs met by state government. “We can beat him with 350.”Zephyr Teachout (Right) discusses a range of topics with visitors to Southampton Farmers’ Market on Aug. 24, 2014. (Jaime Franchi/Long Island Press)Teachout has been conveying these messages to the public since her tour’s launch on August 27 at the foot of One57, the luxury high-rise on West 57th Street owned by the Extell Development Company and a subpoena target of the now-dismantled Moreland Commission—the anti-corruption unit Cuomo assembled, then disbanded, after allegedly altering its probes of subjects linked to his administration.Teachout’s campaign really began to pick up momentum, she said, following a July 23 New York Times expose questioning the commission’s disbandment and Cuomo’s role in interference in several of its investigations.The Whistleblower Tour has taken her through New York and into Pennsylvania, tackling her favorite issues: hydrofracking—something the governor’s been quiet on—and corruption—a subject on which her upcoming book Corruption in America is based.On the first, she taps into a prime concern of the voters she covets. Her stance against hydrofracking had earned her the endorsement of the Sierra Club.“Ms. Teachout is an articulate, engaging leader who will play a critical role in the resurgence of the Empire State, with a vision to rebuild New York through a robust clean energy economy and reinvigorate our democracy so that it works for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected,” said Jeff Bohner, chair of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, in a statement.Teachout has been equally outspoken against Common Core, the education reform created by the National Governor’s Association and the Council of State School Officers and implemented to what many are calling disastrous results under the leadership of Cuomo and his appointed Commissioner of Education John King.Teachout said the first order of business if she was to beat Cuomo would be the elimination of Common Core, and King as commissioner.“John King has failed to listen to parents and teachers who have spoken up forcefully about the problems with high stakes testing and privatization of public schools, and is the wrong person for the job,” she said.“Listening” is a key component of being governor, she stressed amid the market. “He’s not a good listener.”Business owners spoke to her on a range of topics, from regulations forcing farmers to drive several hours to large-scale slaughterhouses, to fishing regulations, small business economics, solar energy, and several times throughout the morning, education policy.One supporter approached Teachout almost shyly.“Can I shake the hand of the next governor of New York?” she asked.Teachout responded with a wide grin and an enthusiastic outstretch of her hand.“I read that you would be here so I made a special trip to say hello,” the woman said. “I also want to give you something. It’s not a lot—I’m a retired schoolteacher, but I wanted to contribute to your campaign.”She handed Teachout a check, on which she’d written in the memo section “Words Matter.”It was a tangible gift in support of a candidate who promises to put her money where her mouth is, to combat the “Old Boy’s Club” that has dominated Albany to the detriment, she accuses, of the state.“We need more women in state politics,” stated Teachout. “Luckily we have women who are representing us federally, but not in Albany. And it’s affecting priorities. I believe it’s affecting education policy. And across the board. You know it’s a broken system when there are no women because it’s not that people don’t support female leaders, it’s that it’s a closed club.”Her campaign staff reflects that statement, she said:“My campaign staff is the most diverse campaign I’ve ever worked on. There are a total of four or five white men out of 15, 16 staffers. It is about half women, all ages, from 20 to 84. My youngest staff is 20 and organized the anti-Keystone rally in Washington, but it’s also biographically diverse. People like Marc [Kagan, her special assistant], who are schoolteachers.“It’s an amazing campaign,” she continued. “Campaign staffs tend to be young men. We used to have a phrase on political campaigns: ‘YMD—Young Men’s Disease.’ I have no problem with young men on campaigns, but if it becomes overly male, it affects the issues you talk about.”Those issues are not limited to, but most certainly include, the Women’s Equality Agenda, a robust initiative Cuomo introduced with great promise in the beginning of his tenure that passed through the Assembly but failed in the state Senate. Teachout credits that failure with a lack of Democratic support from Cuomo in the Senate.“He could have fought for a Democratic Senate,” Teachout said, cautioning that this might be a “wonky” idea. “He could have vetoed the districting that led to the Republican Senate or Republican control. He could have pushed against the IDC, and with any of those steps, all the prongs in the women’s equality act are passed.“Cuomo doesn’t have a lot of women in his decision-making circles,” she said. “So he has the audacity now to create a Women’s Equality Party now, to in part, it’s been reported, to claim authority because I’m running.”Audacity, a word that became popular when Barack Obama, once upon a time another long-shot politician with a funny name, used it in the title of his 2006 memoir The Audacity of Hope. It’s also a word that can be used to describe Teachout, who has little political experience yet is challenging one of the most well-known Democrats of our time.“You’re definitely an underdog,” a registered Republican manning a cheese booth told her. “Isn’t it difficult?”“Well, you’ve undertaken a difficult task,” Teachout responded. “It’s difficult, but it’s important.”NYS Democratic primary candidate for governor Zephyr Teachout and running mate Tim Wu. (Photo courtesy of Teachout/Wu for New York State)This mantra has taken her from a farm in Vermont to first Yale University and then Duke. Her involvement with Occupy Wall Street, her outspokenness against the power of monolithic banks and her Internet expertise working on Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign all serve this narrative. When the Working Families Party failed to endorse her earlier this year in favor of Cuomo, she was undeterred and announced via Buzzfeed that she would challenge him in the primary.“I’ve spent maybe three hours thinking about it, because it would be impossible to know the possible other future,” she explained. “But I will say that Tim [Wu, her running mate, who the New York Times recently endorsed for lieutenant governor] and I have an extraordinary amount of freedom to tell the truth as we see it. And that meant that early on we had to scramble to get attention, but people are really hungry for that kind of unabashed truth-telling and moving away from that ad-like politician and Cuomo is the classic ad-man.“He’s using Sandy relief money for ads,” she charged.Cuomo has not publicly acknowledged Teachout as his challenger, nor responded to her repeated requests for a debate. This has served only to invigorate her campaign, she said, as they find creative ways to get her message across to likely Demcratic primary voters.On August 28th, Teachout launched #AskCuomo, a Twitter campaign that generated hundreds of responses within a few hours. These ranged from: “Was shutting down Moreland Commission when they started investigating your donors an example of reducing corruption?” to “Why are you posing as a liberal?”Teachout was thrilled with the response.From her wide grin, infectious laugh, and earnest conversations with potential voters in Southampton, it was obvious that she was enjoying every minute of her campaign—or at least, savoring every second at the famers’ market, sampling artisan cheeses and the specially brewed lemonade sold by a 10-year old entrepreneur. She engaged each person she met with focused attention, asking detailed questions about their particular plights or business objectives, nodding along.People crowded around, asking quietly, “Who is that?”People in the know responded: “That’s Zephyr Teachout.”last_img read more

HR Answers: Exit (interview) strategy

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Many employers are taking their workers’ parting words to heart, suggests research from staffing firm OfficeTeam. More than six in 10 (63 percent) human resources managers said their company commonly acts on feedback from exit interviews.When asked how they follow up on information gleaned from these meetings, 29 percent of respondents stated they update job descriptions. Another 24 percent address comments about management, while 22 percent make changes to the work environment and 19 percent review employee salaries.View an infographic of the survey findings.HR managers were asked, “How often does your company act on information gathered during exit interviews with departing employees?” Their responses: continue reading »last_img read more

Lending: Endless opportunities and challenges

first_img 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Lending: a term that brings endless opportunities and endless challenges to many credit unions. The process is never cut and dry due to ever-changing regulations, fierce competition, and pressure to grow revenue. However, NAFCU’s new Lending Conference is here to help guide you through all the challenges so your lending program can flourish. Still, need convincing? Check out our top 5 reasons this is the event you can’t miss.You’ll learn from the industry’s most successful lenders and consultants about various lending categories including: mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, plus lending marketing and compliance tactics – it’s all covered!Access to real case studies and white papers so you can see how to apply these concepts in your credit union to achieve success.In addition to an in-depth understanding of the lending landscape today, you’ll learn about where the field is headed and how you can prepare for it, ensuring you’re set up for long-term success as well.The conference takes place in a city Travel + Leisure magazine ranked a “Best Place to Travel” in 2016, and Budget Travel ranked second in their “Top 24 World Destinations” 2016 list, so if you’d like totake a walk or have a great meal while you process all the information you’ve learned, you’ll have plenty of options nearby.Go home with the jump-start you need: best practices, ideas and strategies to create the most revenue-maximizing lending portfolio for your audience.And here’s a bonus 6th reason: you’ll save $200 on registration with code LENDSAVINGS until September 22!last_img read more

A loophole in the new Income Tax Act will allow for the manipulation of flat tax payments

first_img/ / / The Association of Landlords from Cres is organizing the first public forum on the amount of the flat tax On the one hand, it is a great move to bring the Decision to the local level, but on the other hand, in the new Law on Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, there is a big hole in the law that the proponents did not notice, which will certainly cause various controversies. . Day by day, more and more cities and municipalities make decisions on the amount of flat tax, and for now most cities and municipalities decide not to change the amount of flat tax, especially in the continental part and underdeveloped tourist areas. For example, a property owner can live and be registered in Zagreb or Karlovac, where there will be a smaller flat tax, and the property he rents can be on Hvar. Thus, the collection of the flat tax would flow to the city or municipality where the owner is registered and where he lives (in this case in Zagreb or Karlovac, not on Hvar), and not at the place where the apartments / real estate are located where the tourist activity is performed. , which of course leads to lower income for the local community where the property is located. As the purpose of the tax, as well as its possible increase, is to invest in local infrastructure that is cracking at the seams, the question is how much tax from the lump sum will learn in the city and municipal budgets. In accordance with the provisions of the new Law on Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, the Decision on the amount of flat tax for renters is no longer made by the Ministry of Tourism but by the representative body of local self-government units. The law stipulates that the lump sum may not be less than HRK 150 or more than HRK 1.500. However, if the local self-government unit does not make a decision within the set deadline, at the latest until January 31, 2019, according to the new law, the lump sum will amount to HRK 750,00 per bed, ie accommodation unit in the camp. PRIVATE RENTERS ON STRIKE: WHO PROFITS AND WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES? Of course, in the whole story about family accommodation in Croatia, a good distinction should be made between family accommodation, private renters and “real estate agents”. One is family accommodation and hosts who welcome and take care of their guests and most often offer accommodation facilities within their houses, private renters who offer their apartments and apartments, who do not have to be registered and live where the real estate is, as well as tourist real estate / buildings with a larger number of apartments built exclusively for rent in tourism. / / / The flat tax in Mali Lošinj remains the samecenter_img / / / The flat tax for renters in Karlovac will not increase RELATED NEWS: RENTERS HAVE THE MOST BENEFITS FROM TOURISM?  We are waiting for a reaction on this topic from the Ministry of Tourism and the Tax Administration, but the question is whether it can change this oversight, ie change that the flat tax is kept as a communal tax, and not as an income tax. Namely, the loophole in the new law leads to the flat tax as an income tax, not as a utility tax. It is this “small” fact that leads to the possibility that the landlord pays taxes according to the place of residence of the owner, and not according to the place where the property itself is located. It should be emphasized that the flat tax has been calculated the same so far, but that the flat tax for renters was more or less the same everywhere, so there were no major differences in the amount of flat tax, which the new law allows (from 150 kn to 1.500 kn). ) As the law defines the deadline for making a decision on the amount of the flat tax (January 31, 2019), then all classes of the flat tax in all cities and municipalities in Croatia will be known exactly. And with that, there will be calculations and calculations on how to make the best use of this hole in the law. WITH THE ENTRY IN THE NEW YEAR, THE RESIDENCE TAX WAS INCREASED last_img read more

UEFA ‘confident’ coronavirus outbreak will not derail Euro 2020 plans

first_imgTopics : UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said Tuesday he was confident European football’s governing body could deal with any worst-case scenario in relation to the upcoming Euro 2020 as the continent battles to contain the spread of the coronavirus.COVID-19 has been detected in 76 countries worldwide, killing over 3,000 people with Italy the worst-hit nation in Europe.The Italian capital Rome is one of 12 venues across the continent set to host matches at the European Championship in June and July. His comments came after FIFA president Gianni Infantino, addressing the Congress, urged authorities “not to panic”.UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis said European football’s governing body “do not want to overreact” and was dealing with the situation “case by case”. However, Champions League fixtures are a more pressing concern.Mascot Skillzy poses on March 3, 2020 in front of the lettering for the upcoming UEFA EURO 2020 in the Olympia Park in Munich, southern Germany, 100 days ahead of its start. (AFP/Christof STACHE) ‘Prepared for every eventuality’ On Tuesday evening Spain’s health minister, Salvador Illa, said Valencia’s Champions League last 16, second leg at home to Italian side Atalanta next Tuesday, March 10, should be played behind closed doors.In Italy, Juventus had their Serie A game called off at the weekend, while Inter Milan played a Europa League home game behind closed doors last Thursday with the north of the country particularly badly hit by the outbreak.Juventus are due to host Lyon in Turin in the second leg of their Champions League last-16 tie on March 17 and that game could also be played behind closed doors, chiefly because there is little room in a crowded calendar to allow for postponements.Inter are also due to host Spanish side Getafe on March 12 in the Europa League.Theodoridis said: “Inter already have two matches postponed, and they still play in the Italian Cup and the Europa League, so this makes it almost impossible to find dates if we don’t coordinate between the European leagues.”Concerns about the outbreak impacted on the draw for the next UEFA Nations League tournament in Amsterdam on Tuesday evening.Scotland manager Steve Clarke was not present at the draw, with the Scottish FA telling the BBC that decision was made in order to avoid an “unnecessary risk” before his team play Israel in a key Euro 2020 qualifying play-off later this month.Meanwhile, Spain coach Luis Enrique did not travel to Amsterdam due to illness, the Spanish Football Federation said.Asked about the possibility of his team’s scheduled friendly against Italy in London on March 27 being cancelled, England manager Gareth Southgate said it was not the time to speculate.”I think we have to be adaptable and have to make sure that we are prepared for every eventuality, but as we stand we are trying not to get too worried by all the hype, make sensible decisions on hygiene and go from there,” he said.”I don’t want to make light of it, but equally there are dangers everywhere in life that you are aware of and conscious of.”center_img A long list of sports events around the world have been cancelled or postponed in recent days to avoid spreading the virus, including games in Italy’s Serie A. The top two divisions of Swiss football have been postponed until the end of March.”You don’t know how many concerns we have when we organize a big competition,” Ceferin said at a press conference after the UEFA Congress in Amsterdam.”We have security concerns, we have political instability concerns, and one of the concerns is also the virus, and we are dealing with it and we are confident we can deal with it.”This week marks 100 days until the start of the 24-team European Championship, and Ceferin called on organizers to “not just think about dark scenarios, there will be time for that later.”last_img read more