Concert’s partial proceeds goes to H.O.T.

first_img Concert’s partial proceeds goes to H.O.T. Pinterest WhatsApp Local News Facebook Twitter Facebook Pinterestcenter_img Previous articleBond committee discusses procedures, why last one didn’t passNext articleBlue Ribbon Run X admin Honor Our Troops logo Get tickets hereRolling 7’s Ranch Event Center, 11700 W. County Road 122, has scheduled Aaron Copeland to perform at 9 p.m. Wednesday.Doors open at 7 p.m.Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Partial proceeds will go to Honor Our Troops (H.O.T.) Twitter WhatsApp By admin – April 10, 2018 last_img read more

Where did the idea of flexible benefits come from? And other frequently asked questions

first_imgTraditionally employee benefits have been fixed and non-negotiable. However,times have changedThere is a long history of companies offering extra benefits to theiremployees in exchange for a portion of their salary. Manufacturers have offeredemployees the chance to buy their company’s products at a reduced rate forhundreds of years. More recent developments include the opportunity to vary pensioncontributions, or to put money into company share schemes. However, over the past five years or so, the concept has evolved beyondthese simple beginnings to offer employees a far wider choice and greaterpersonalisation of their benefits. The ‘home’ of flexible benefits is the US, where the concept is stronglyestablished. With a limited national health service, medical insurance is theresponsibility of the individual, and is a key consideration in the overallbenefits package an employee receives. There are numerous instances of healthcare organisations to choose from andUS organisations tend to provide employees with a degree of choice inhealthcare provider. As such, the US HR function has been built on the need tooffer a wider choice to employees. This made the transition for offering morechoice with other benefits such as company cars and sports club membershipeasier. 1. Why choose flexible benefits in the UK? For most businesses, employees represent the lifeblood of the organisation. Finding and retaining high quality staff can be the difference betweenmarket leadership or business failure. A satisfied workforce leads to highermorale and greater productivity. Organisations known for a progressive approach towards employment havegreater ability to attract the type of employees they want and need to runtheir businesses effectively. One way for companies to attract and retain high quality employees is toprovide them with a flexible benefits package, giving them scope to make theirown decisions about the composition of their remuneration package. 2. Why don’t we all have flexible benefits then? The nature of this approach to employee benefits means there is usuallyheavy administration involved. In the UK, without the driver of medicalinsurance, while many companies would like to offer their employees a greaterdegree of choice in the benefits they receive, the costs involved have beenprohibitive. A number of schemes started in the UK in the 1990s have been scaled back orstopped altogether. Research conducted in the UK by RebusHR showed thatinterest remained strong, but there were strong reservations about thepaperwork involved. 3. What has changed recently to solve this? Since the 1990s, technology has strongly advanced, especially withdevelopment of wider networks and the internet, and growth in e-HR andself-service applications. Companies like RebusHR, working with Microsoft andothers, have developed new applications that reduce administrative needs. As aresult, many organisations are rethinking their attitude towards flexiblebenefits. 4. How do such schemes work? A flexible benefits scheme enables an organisation to offer its employeesgreater choice in the composition of their salary packages. Rather than givingemployees a specified salary and set additional benefits that can either betaken or left, the fundamental concept is that an employee is given a packagevalue and is able to select their benefits within pre-defined limits. These schemes cover a broad range of benefits from traditional items such ascompany cars, healthcare and pension contributions, to leisure club membership,retail vouchers and even free fruit. An organisation may also extend its schemeto provide flexibility in terms of holiday entitlement, allowing employees toexchange annual leave for other items within the flexible benefits scheme. 5. What are the key business benefits? There are several business reasons that might contribute towards anorganisation’s decision to begin a flexible benefits scheme, ranging fromattraction and retention of employees to government legislation. For example, a company that has been involved in merger or acquisitionactivity may have a diverse range of packages for staff undertaking similarroles. It may require considerable flexibility to accommodate valuable staffthat had agreed a favourable package while employed by the merged or acquiredcompany. Similar pressures apply when a company begins to operate in new territorieswhere the workforce has different demands to its domestic staff. Taxefficiencies may also vary between regions. If organisations have the flexibility to adapt to different legislativeenvironments, they can pass tax efficiencies on to employees. Another important consideration is lifestyle changes. Younger employees maybe more inclined to trade in holidays for a higher salary, whereas olderemployees may be more concerned about the level of their pension contributions.Organisations also tend to be able to attract discounted rates for itemscovered within a benefits scheme. So, for example, employees would benefit bychoosing sports club membership at a discounted rate within the flexiblebenefits scheme rather than taking the value in the form of a higher salary andthen joining the same sports club at the full rate. Similar employee benefitsarise where a company can offer a not-for-profit service, such as a crèche orcompany loan, within a flexible benefits package. There is also legislative pressure – companies being asked to provide betterwork-life balance options (for example childcare) can build this into theoverall package. 6. Who can benefit from flexible benefits? Market research by RebusHR reveals a growing awareness of, and interest in,flexible benefits among large organisations. The first customers for the newapplication are likely to be existing clients that have already expressed aninterest in flexible benefits. The company also has plans to introduce flexiblebenefits for its own employees using the new application. “A scheme of this scope tends to be more suitable for medium to largeorganisations, those with 500 or more employees,” says Kevin Shepherd,senior product planning manager at RebusHR. He adds: “We expect the flexible benefits application to beparticularly popular among dynamic and ‘culture conscious’ companies whichpride themselves on providing a flexible and rewarding workingenvironment.” Eight key business drivers for introduction of flexible benefits– Attraction and retention of staff– Globalisation– Mergers and acquisitions– Tax efficiencies– Group rates– Reduced third party costs– Not-for-profit service– Government legislation/pressureFlexible benefits researchThe research gives an insight intocurrent experiences of using flexible benefits schemes, perceived advantagesand disadvantages, and future plans. The findings are based on an independentsurvey involving 156 telephone interviews with senior HR managers, sponsored byRebusHR, carried out by Sandheys Consulting during 2002. All of theorganisations involved employ more than 500 people and represent a cross-sectionof industry sectors.Keyfindings– The number of organisations with a flexible benefits schemeor planning to introduce one has doubled in the past two years– Flexible benefits are seen as a weapon in the battle torecruit and retain high-quality staff– The growing popularity of flexible benefits reflects theconcern of HR with work-life balance issues– The main opposition to schemes is around the amount ofadministration workload anticipated and the challenges involved incommunicating the changes to employees– There have been problems with the accuracy of data andintegration with the other information systems within organisations1. Why organisations introduceflexible benefits25 per cent of the organisations interviewed either alreadyhave or plan to implement a flexible benefits system within the next 12 months.No organisations have any doubt about the advantages of having a scheme100 per cent of firms with a scheme said it is beneficialbecause it allows staff to vary or choose benefits to suit their lifestylerequirements100 per cent agreed it helped or would help with recruitment,motivation and retention of staff. A small number also thought a scheme is auseful incentive in mergers for harmonising benefits, for negotiating betterdeals with benefits suppliers, and as an example of innovative thinking in HREven among those organisations with no plans for introducingflexible benefits, there is little uncertainty about what could be gained:89 per cent believed a scheme would help staff to choosebenefits to suit their lifestyle requirements87 per cent acknowledge it would help with recruitment,motivation and retentionWhat they said:”To attract, motivate and retain staff: these were ourmain objectives. We had benefits available, we just had to change them into aflexible benefits scheme.”HR manager, financial services company”It acknowledges that people areindividuals and not cattle.”HR manager, management consultancy”Flexible benefits helps in asituation where an employee has a problem and perhaps needs extra time off, orthey have a debt problem and need advice. It allows a difficult situation to betaken care of by the employee with the help of the employer.”HR manager, local authority”It opens up the range ofbenefits to more staff and removes the grade or status factor from benefits.”HR manager, leisure services company2. Reasons for saying ‘no’ toflexible benefitsMany companies aren’t ready to make the change. The five mainreasons given were:– Current levels of benefits are considered acceptable– Company culture is not appropriate for such a scheme– Introduction and administration costs would be too expensive– It has never been considered – Lack of manpower resourcesThe responses reveal a cautiousapproach, where organisations appear not to believe it is worth overcomingknown challenges to reach the potentially large, but more unknown, rewards forthe business as a whole.What they said:”It may not fit with the company philosophy, and there isthe burden of flexible benefits administration.”HR manager, financial services company”We are heavily trade unionisedso we have to be careful. We need to do it in conjunction with them, and it issomething we are looking at. Unions, so far, are positive in their attitudes toit.”HR manager, manufacturing company3. The challenges of administrationNone of the respondents expect it tobe easy. Few organisations are able to introduce a wide-ranging new schemeintegrated with existing systems without overcoming some complex challenges,both technical and human.Asked about the difficulties they hadfaced or expected to face:43 per cent of interviewees pointed to the additional workloadand administration caused37 per cent were concerned about communicating changes toemployees28 per cent with deciding which benefits to offer andcalculating their value28 per cent with the need to upgrade information systems andmerge different employee databases26 per cent had struggled with, or expected to struggle with,getting the right information in place to administer and maintain the system23 per cent with training the workforce to use the systems andrefer to them in annual reviews18 per cent with the time and costs of setting up a scheme9 per cent with the basic complexity of the scheme and 5 percent with measuring the perceived benefits, finding a supplier/outsourcer tohandle the scheme, and the possible mixed reception from managers and workers9 per cent said they had not experienced, or did not expect toexperience any real difficulties.What they said:”It’s very challenging to administer two different car andpension schemes.”HR manager, accountancy firm”Flexible holidays were fine,but childcare vouchers threw up tax problems – a minefield on tax and NIcontributions.”HR manager, banking sector company4. What benefits – and which arethe biggest challenge to introduce?The following are currently the mostcommonly offered benefits, or are benefits that organisations are planning tooffer:Benefit                                                            %Private medical insurance                                  90Holidays                                                           83Life assurance                                                   83Pension scheme                                                75Health screening                                               63Dental insurance                                               63Critical illness insurance                                     63Permanent health insurance                               63Company cars                                                  60Pensions (additional voluntary contributions)      60Personal accident insurance                               58Childcare vouchers/allowance                           55 Leisure club membership                                   50Travel insurance                                                45Dependant’s pension on death in service            45Financial counselling                                          40Training and development allowance                 30Retail vouchers                                                 28Private car leasing                                             25Health cash benefits                                          20Legal expenses insurance                                  10Benefits most likely to be added toexisting schemes in the future are retail vouchers, childcarevouchers/allowance, financial counselling, health cash benefits, legal expensesinsurance and travel insurance.Administration workloads appear not to be a seriousconsideration in terms of which benefits are offered. There is no relationshipbetween the difficulty in administering particular benefits and theirpopularity. Benefits which cause the most headaches are thought to be: companycars, holidays, leisure club membership, training and development allowance,childcare vouchers/allowance, pension schemes, AVCs, financial counselling andretail vouchers. The least problematic were considered to be: personal accidentinsurance, private car leasing, health cash benefits and dental insurance.What they said:”We have outsourced it to save on administration – theyare the experts. We can exchange data in standard format and service is prettygood. Annual enrolment by employee is done personally via our company intranetsite to the provider direct.”HR manager, financial services company”It’s early days, and we aredoing it slowly. The providers have not always offered what they said theywould, leaving members of staff saying ‘I told you so, it doesn’t work.’”HR manager, building society Where did the idea of flexible benefits come from? And other frequently asked questionsOn 24 Sep 2002 in Auto-enrolment, Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

MP for Kalinago Territory refutes claim that gov’t housing program is not benefiting the indigenious people

first_img Share Share Tweet Sharing is caring! LocalNews MP for Kalinago Territory refutes claim that gov’t housing program is not benefiting the indigenious people by: – July 11, 2011center_img Share Hon. Ashton Graneau. Photo credit: togetherwemust.netParliamentary Representative for the Kalinago Constituency is denouncing statements by Former Chief Charles Williams that Government is not assisting the indigenious people in the area of housing.Williams said on a radio talk show that the Government has failed to assist the indigenous people in the Kalinago territory.However, Honourable Ashton Graneau refutes this claim.“We have improved on the housing stalk and many persons have benefited. If Williams is concerned with the speed in which the second set of houses under the Chinese program are being completed then I can understand that, because I too am concerned with the speed. They should have already started but we have to bear in mind that there are issues beyond us,” he said.Graneau said soon the construction of 39 houses will begin in the Kalinago Constituency.Dominica Vibes News 24 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

College football picks, Championship Weekend: Alabama-Georgia playoff before the Playoff

first_imgThe final, most important leg of the College Football Playoff race is here.It’s Championship Weekend, and nothing will matter more than the 10 conference championship games played among the Power 5 and Group of 5, several of which have huge implications in the Playoff race. No. 5 Oklahoma (-7.5) vs. No. 9 TexasOklahoma has been given a rare, valuable second chance to avenge its only blemish of the season, a 48-45 thriller against Texas that saw Heisman candidate Kyler Murray turn the ball over twice. This time, however, Texas will be without a full-strength Sam Ehlinger (shoulder), who put up 386 total yards and five touchdowns the last time these teams met. That could be a deciding factor in this game, but we have at this point in the season seen no sign Oklahoma even knows what a defense is (giving up at least 40 points in four games this year). If the Sooners want that final Playoff spot, they can’t just beat Texas: They have to show they can play every facet of the game. It’ll be close, but go we’re picking Oklahoma to make a statement. Oklahoma 49, Texas 41MORE: Week 14 CFP pictureNo. 1 Alabama (-13) vs. No. 4 Georgia The biggest game of championship weekend, bar none. Win, and you’re in. Lose, and you’re out (yes, even for Alabama, barring chaos elsewhere). The Tide will look to attack the Bulldogs in several ways, but this will really come down to how Tua Tagovailoa plays against a secondary that ranks 14th nationally by giving up 175.1 yards per game through the air. Alternatively, can talented Bulldogs running backs D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield pierce Alabama’s front seven, which gave up several chunk plays on the ground against Auburn? Be on the lookout for Justin Fields, as well: Dual-threat quarterbacks have traditionally given the Tide fits, though it will be interesting to see if that holds on Saturday. All told, Georgia has the talent to hang with Alabama, but it will take a special performance to beat the Tide. For now, we don’t see that performance coming on Saturday. Alabama 35, Georgia 24 MORE: Week 14 bowl projectionsNone will be bigger in that sense than Alabama-Georgia, a likely meeting between top-four teams in the Playoff rankings come Saturday. That said, the rematch between Texas and Oklahoma, coupled with Ohio State’s game against what looks like an overmatched Northwestern, should decide the final team in the Playoff pairings.Sporting News has picks for all those games (upping its weekly picks from eight to cover all 10 conference title games). SN is 76-28 this season after going 5-3 in Rivalry Week.With that in mind, here are our championship week picks (lines reflect Consensus picks from as of Monday):Buffalo (-3.5) vs. Northern Illinois  The Huskies have a small advantage in that their seniors have been in this game before (as freshmen in 2015), but it seems the Bulls have a lot of momentum heading into this game against a team that has lost its last two. Both teams have defenses that rank in the top 30 nationally, but the disparity in offense is what could make this game. Buffalo ranks 53rd, which isn’t overly impressive, but Northern Illinois ranks an anemic 125th out of 130 teams. We’ll pick that as the difference in this game. Buffalo 27, Northern Illinois 13Appalachian State (-17.5) vs. Louisiana  Scott Satterfield’s squad looks primed for its first outright Sun Belt Conference championship after winning a share of it the last two seasons. The Mountaineers are led by their defense, which ranks fourth nationally in yards allowed per game (278), fourth in passing yards per game (153.8), 24th in rushing yards per game (124.4) and fifth in points per game (15.4). That’s impressive, regardless of the competition, though we are interested to see how it holds against an impressive Louisiana offense. That said, we’re going with the Mountaineers. App State 34, Louisiana 20 Middle Tennessee State (-2.5) vs. UABThe Blue Raiders just beat the Blazers 27-3 at home and will look to do the same again on Saturday. It’s tough to pick the Blazers to lose twice to the same team in consecutive weeks, especially with the season they’ve had. That said, Middle Tennessee thoroughly beat UAB on Saturday, limiting the team to minus-1 rushing yard on 29 carries and forcing the team to complete less than 50 percent of its passes for an interception. UAB will do better if Spencer Brown returns, but it won’t be enough. Middle Tennessee 24, UAB 14MORE: Ohio State or Oklahoma: Who deserves a Playoff spot more?No. 7 UCF (-3.5) vs. MemphisMcKenzie Milton is hurt, yes, and was desperately needed in the teams’ shootout earlier this year (a 31-30 barn-burner in favor of the Knights). How UCF responds to that injury will determine the outcome of this game. If the injury galvanizes this team, the Knights can have an impressive power run game between running backs Greg McCrae and Adrian Killians Jr. to take the pressure off Darrell Mack Jr. That said, the Tigers have their own impressive back in Darrell Henderson, who ranks second nationally in yards (1,699) and rushing touchdowns (19). That doesn’t look good for a UCF defense that ranks 103rd nationally against the run and won’t have Milton to help keep the game close. We’ll pick Memphis to win a tight one. Memphis 34, UCF 27No. 19 Boise State (-2.5) vs. No. 25 Fresno StateThis is the teams’ fourth meeting over the last two years, with the Broncos holding a 2-1 edge over the Bulldogs. This is also a rematch of last year’s Mountain West Conference title game. Simply put, this is turning into one of the most fun matchups to watch in the Group of 5. Boise State won this year’s matchup 24-17, so you can expect the rematch to be close too. We just can’t pick against the Broncos, who came off an impressive win over 10-2 Utah State and who have some of the Group of 5’s best in quarterback Brett Rypien and running back Alexander Mattison. Boise State 27, Utah State 23No. 2 Clemson (-26.5) vs. PittsburghThere’s not much to say in this one. No. 2 Clemson’s ACC title game against Pittsburgh is little more than a formality for the Tigers’ fourth straight Playoff appearance, even though the Panthers did manage to beat the national title team in 2016, 43-42. Trevor Lawrence should get some more valuable experience against a woebegone Pitt defense, and Travis Etienne and Tavien Feaster should keep up their impressive seasons as well. Will the Tigers be able to shore up its pass defense before the Playoff? Clemson 49, Pitt 20MORE: Sporting News’ Week 14 Power RankingsNo. 10 Washington (-5) vs. No. 17 Utah  A solid matchup between two 9-3 teams that has nothing to do with the Playoff. That said, this would be Washington’s second Pac-12 championship under Chris Petersen, and Utah’s first since joining the conference: In that sense, this is a very important game for both teams. A key matchup to watch is Utah’s fifth-ranked rush defense (100.3 yards per game) against Myles Gaskin, the hero of the Apple Cup who put up 170 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Jake Browning should throw a touchdown or two in a game that won’t be played in a snow storm. We’ll go with the Huskies to repeat. Washington 28, Utah 21No. 6 Ohio State (-14) vs. No. 21 NorthwesternTwo weeks ago, we might have entertained the notion Northwestern could keep up with the Buckeyes. That changed after Ohio State’s 62-39 of rival Michigan, which boasted the statistically best defense in the country prior to the meeting. Ohio State’s skilled players are too numerous and too talented for Northwestern to keep up with, especially considering Dwayne Haskins (who on Saturday broke a Big Ten record with 42 passing touchdowns this season) getting them the ball. This game, coupled with the Oklahoma-Texas rematch, will force the biggest question for the Playoff committee come Sunday if the chalk holds elsewhere. Ohio State 45, Northwestern 27last_img read more

Live Twitter feed: Week #5 Sumner County games

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Mallard’s Team of the Week — Emergency Services Camp Team

first_imgAlmost 30 students between Grades 10-12 from throughout the West Kootenay successfully completed the 2016 Nelson Emergency Services Camp.The camp is coordinated by the Nelson Police Department in conjunction with the Nelson RCMP, Nelson Fire Rescue, Nelson Search and Rescue, and BC Ambulance and is based on previous successful years of Police Camp in Nelson.Staff at Mallard’s Source for sports would like to salute the students and instructors at the three day camp with Team of the Week.last_img

Takeaways: Ramon Laureano continues hot July, Khris Davis delivers again in A’s win

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Brett Anderson smothered his left middle finger in a green cup of ice and pondered his outing. Anderson is honest about his mistakes: He acknowledged the hanging slider he lobbed to Miguel Sano for a 443, game-tying home run in the sixth inning. He acknowledged his overall efficient outing — he’d retired 14 straight batters after a rough, two home run first inning — that a ripping fingernail contributed to his sixth inning departure.“Didn’t take a rocket scientist to …last_img

Blitzbokke capture Tokyo Sevens

first_img2 April 2013South Africa captured the Tokyo Sevens rugby title on Sunday, their second tournament victory in three events, after a superb second half effort lifted them past New Zealand by 24 points to 19.It was a remarkable turnaround for the Blitzbokke, who after winning the Las Vegas Sevens, were very disappointing in the Hong Kong Sevens where they finished bottom of their pool. However, a 31-0 thrashing of eventual runners-up Wales in Hong Kong showed what Paul Treu’s charges were capable of.Commenting on the victory in Japan, Treu said: “It’s unbelievable. We’ve been so unlucky at times throughout the season and to come back again after a disappointing tournament in Hong Kong, to bounce back and give this kind of performance – it’s not every day that you’re going to beat New Zealand twice [consecutively] in the final.”‘Happy’“Every win that comes your way is huge. I think we can go back to South Africa a happy team,” he added.It wasn’t all smooth going in Tokyo, however, as matters got off to a poor start when Fiji beat South Africa 29-12. There were opportunities for the Blitzbokke to win, but they were undone by errors and the bounce of the ball.Still not on top form, they returned to winning ways with a 12-0 win over Portugal before hitting their stride with a 42-7 pummelling of Spain. That left the Blitzbokke second in Pool A and saw them into the quarterfinals of the Cup.Day twoOn day two, they came back from 12-0 down to defeat Samoa 19-12 to reach the semi-finals. They followed that up with a narrow 14-12 win over France to book their place in the title-decider.Up against table-topping New Zealand, South Africa, like they had in the quarterfinals, fell behind 12-0. However, they were a different team in the second half, running in three tries and slotting a penalty before the Kiwis managed a converted try after the final hooter had sounded to finish within a try of the Blitzbokke.It was a repeat of the Las Vegas final and the win moved the Springbok Sevens onto 100 World Series points, up to second spot on the log, 32 points behind New Zealand and two ahead of third-placed Fiji.Tournament winsSouth Africa and Fiji are now the only teams to have won two tournaments so far this season.Treu said finding consistent form was the goal the Blitzbokke now need to focus on.“It’s still difficult for us to be consistent,” he said. “To become consistent like New Zealand, we need those key players [like Kyle Brown and Paul Delport] and we just hope they can recover soon and get back into this team as quickly as possible, especially for the World Cup in June.”Following the Tokyo tournament, the International Rugby Board confirmed the pool draw for round eight of the HSBC Sevens World Series, the Emirates Airline Glasgow Sevens at Scotstoun Stadium on 4 and 5 May 2013.CrucialIt’s a crucial tournament, which will decide which of the current teams will need to re-qualify as core teams next season.South Africa are in a very tough Pool A, up against Samoa, Kenya and Canada. Pool B includes the hosts, Scotland, New Zealand, England and Portugal.Australia, who beat France 31-7 to finish third in Tokyo, are in Pool C with Fiji, Argentina and Spain. Pool D is made up of France, the USA, Wales and Russia.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Medha Patkar on ‘satyagraha’ to seek rehabilitation of flood-affected in Madhya Pradesh

first_imgNarmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) founder Medha Patkar has started an indefinite protest over her demand for proper rehabilitation of the flood-affected people in Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani district and opening of gates of the Sardar Sarovar Dam in neighbouring Gujarat. Earlier this month, the dam’s backwater level increased following heavy rains, creating a flood-like situation in some parts of the district. Around 100 people living in low-lying areas of Rajghat and Chhota Badda villages of the district were then shifted to safer places. The dam is built on the Narmada river in Gujarat.Ms. Patkar along with five other women sat on the indefinite ‘Narmada Chunauti Satyagraha’ on August 25 at Chhota Badda village, located about 25 km from here, which falls within the dam’s submergence area.“We had apprised the State government about our demands. Relief camps should have been set up at different villages in the area of submergence. The displaced have not been rehabilitated properly so far,” Ms. Patkar told reporters at the protest site. She said the rehabilitation does not mean giving ₹5 lakh to the affected households, and demanded that members of the affected families also be provided livelihood. At least 1,000 residents of the Chhota Badda village are still waiting for proper rehabilitation, she claimed. Meanwhile, the NBA in a statement said since the rehabilitation has yet been not completed, the gates of the Sardar Sarovar Dam should be opened so that settlements in its catchment area in Madhya Pradesh could be saved. The dam’s water level should not be allowed to exceed beyond 133 metre-mark as Gujarat is no more rain deficient and all its reservoirs have been filled, it said. The dams and reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh have also filled up following heavy rains. The rise in the dam’s water level would further increase the risk of submergence in its catchments areas in Madhya Pradesh.last_img read more

La Salle blows lead, holds off Adamson in Mbala’s return

first_imgFor the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. Pradera continues to dominate PAL field Read Next Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president “As expected, even you guys expected to see a game like this from Ben after his stint in the league he just played in,” Ayo said of his prized big man, who averaged 21.8 points and 9.3 rebounds for Cameroon in this year’s Afrobasket.Adamson trailed by as much as 24 points before pulling within seven points several times in the second half, the last instance was when Jerie Pingoy set up Papi Sarr for a gimme that made it, 75-68, with still 5:43 left.Sarr, who is still trying to regain his top form after suffering from a groin injury just before the season started, came away with 12 points and 16 rebounds to lead the Falcons, who dropped to 1-2.ADVERTISEMENT Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa La Salle big man Ben Mbala with an emphatic dunk against Adamson in his first game in the UAAP Season 80 men’s basketball tournament. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netDefending champion La Salle blew a big lead before holding off Adamson, 85-73, to remain undefeated in the UAAP Season 80 men’s basketball tournament Wednesday night at Mall of Asia Arena.The Green Archers welcomed back Ben Mbala, who announced his return in style with a 32 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks.ADVERTISEMENT UAAP SEASON 80 PREVIEW: DLSU GREEN ARCHERS PLAY LIST 02:34UAAP SEASON 80 PREVIEW: DLSU GREEN ARCHERS00:50Trending Articles04:26Deaf personalities everyone should know01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  MOST READ Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Mbala picked up where he left off last season where he won the MVP award, and La Salle needed every bit of its Cameroonian import’s production down the stretch with Adamson mounting a spirited rally in the fourth quarter.“That was a bad win. we started strong but down the stretch, we committed lots of mistakes,” DLSU head coach Aldin Ayo told reporters.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“The problem was really our execution. The players thought the game was already over after the first half that’s why in the second half, in the fourth quarter our youth, our immaturity showed,” Ayo said.But Mbala, fresh off an impressive play with Cameroon in the Fiba Afrobasket, kept the Archers steady amid the Falcons’ run in the final frame. He scored seven timely points in the fourth quarter, including a contested drive that pushed his team’s lead back to 11, 79-68, with 4:36 remaining. LATEST STORIES Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  View commentslast_img read more