first_img Twitter Advertisement Facebook Two Katy-Kats!? That’s right, in the original Letterkenny Problems YouTube shorts, Wayne had two sisters. It was changed for the series because, let’s face it, there’s only one Michelle Mylett.Egg Two: Comedians in a bar drinking Puppers The folks of LETTERKENNY are outrageously funny, but outside of the small town shenanigans, two of the series stars make live audiences laugh for a living. Both K. Trevor Wilson (Squirrelly Dan) and Mark Forward (The Coach) are stand-up comics who have made multiple appearances at the Montréal’s prestigious Just For Laughs festival. Neither are strangers when it comes to touring either, so they’re right at home on the LETTERKENNY LIVE! Tour, currently on the road in a nearby town. Egg Three: Ostrich lovers, allegedlyGinger and Boots may be two of the most fear-inducing names in LETTERKENNY, but in reality, they’re played by two of Jared Kesso’s buds from his hometown of Listowel, Ontario. Ever hear what those two did to an ostrich? (Allegedly).Egg Four: ShoresyNo one chirps like Shoresy! But who plays the quick–witted, high-pitched, fan-favourite character who has never shown his face in LETTERKENNY? It’s none other than a fast-talkin’ version of creator and star, Jared Keeso!Egg Five: 19-2 goes to LetterkennyBefore LETTERKENNY came to CraveTV, Jared Keeso was wearing a police badge for Bravo’s Canadian Screen Award-winning drama, 19-2. But Jared’s not the only one who’s made the trip from Montréal to LETTERKENNY. Jared’s 19-2 co-stars Adrian Holmes (Bradley), Dan Petronijevic (McMurray), and Kaniehtiio Horn (Tanis) have all crossed paths with Letterkenny’s lead Hick.Egg Six: Just Pour Rires In the episode “Relationship,” Squirrelly Dan points out that while the U.S. may not be fans of malt vinegar or have all-dressed and ketchup chips, they do have six different types of Cap’n Crunch. How does he know that? Squirrelly Dan saw a comedian talking about it on “the Just Pour Rires.” Funny enough, Squirrelly Dan’s very own doppelganger has performed an eerily similar joke on The Comedy Network’s JUST FOR LAUGHS: ALL ACCESS. Coincidence?Egg Seven: Sniper SwapKaty sure knows how to make an entrance but in “St Perfect’s Day,” it’s Katy’s exit from the ladies room that fans should keep an eye on. After a brief tryst in the bathroom, Katy and Bonnie McMurray emerge wearing the other’s top…and lipstick.Egg Eight: Canada rocks LetterkennyLetterkenny is distinctly Canadian so it makes sense that the tunes are too! The series features music performed mostly by Canadian indie bands. In fact, in the first season, 80 per cent of the tracks viewers heard were from un-signed Vancouver-area bands.Egg Nine: Jeff Davie was a great guyIn the Halloween special, “The Haunting of MoDean’s II,” Bonnie McMurray emerges from the kitchen dressed for the annual Jeff Davies Memorial Baseball Tournament. The real Jeff Davie, who sadly passed away in 2008, was from Harriston, ON, 20-minutes down the road from Listowel, and was a big supporter of minor sports, especially baseball. Each year, the JYD Tournament raises money in Jeff’s name for local charities, and has raised close to $175,000 in the nine years since it began. All the Hicks of Letterkenny agree, Jeff Davie was “one of the greatest!”Egg Ten: Super Hard Easter Streaming now on CraveTV! Advertisement Login/Register With: St. Perfects Day has passed and it’s pertnear Easter – the one holiday where pickin’ stones for a living is an advantage. And it wouldn’t be Easter without a festive egg hunt! CraveTV has compiled a list of some of LETTERKENNY’s very own Easter Eggs – the little inside jokes and gags hidden throughout the series.Egg One: From Two Sisters to One Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment CraveTV tends to drop holiday-themed episodes of LETTERKENNY every so often and today is one of those days. Surprise! LETTERKENNY: SUPER HARD EASTER is now streaming on CraveTV. Join the Hicks as they embark on their own liver-busting super hard scavenger hunt and drink-a-thon.last_img

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