Morocco Dismantles Criminal Network in Tangiers Oujda

Rabat – Moroccan authorities dismantled on Friday a criminal network composed of four people in the cities of Tangiers (north) and Oujda (east), the Interior ministry said.A member of this network is wanted for international drug trafficking while two others are formers convicts in terrorism-related cases, the ministry said in a statement, adding that one of these former detainees had links with extremist fighters abroad while the second one fought in Iraq and Syria in the ranks of an extremist group which had planned terrorist attacks in the Kingdom.The fourth member of this network had been transferred from Belgium to Morocco in 2014 after serving a prison sentence for kidnapping, murder and drug trafficking. The members of this network abducted and held captive an individual in Tangier after having taken possession of his car that they intended to sell in the city of Oujda, before it was seized by security services. This security operation provides information on close links between terrorist organizations and organized crime networks, which are one of the main sources of terrorist funding, the statement said. The members of this network will be brought to justice pending the completion of the investigation led under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office.

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