New paint form launched by Facilities Management

Departments looking to freshen their space this spring with a coat of paint are encouraged to use a new online form.The paint request form was recently introduced by Facilities Management to streamline the request process.In addition to basic information like contact details and desired completion date, the new form includes areas to enter a WorkDay Cost Centre, provide a detailed description of the scope of work and choose a paint colour. It also features a new official standardized colour palette that reinforces the Brock brand. Paint options vary depending on the building, and if the space is an office or public area.The paint request form can be found on the Facilities Management website along with the work request form, which is used for custodial services, maintenance and utilities as well as grounds services matters.Questions about the new online form or the standardized palette should be directed to Bryan Cober, Manager, Structural Services, at x3290 or [email protected]

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