Inception explained with Mac OS X Finder

In the build up to the release of the Chris Nolan movie Inception there were a few concerns about whether everyone would “get it.” On seeing it at the theater I have to admit I saw a few confused and bored faces walking out of the darkened room, thankfully, I wasn’t one of them and it is a fantastic film that now forms part of my Blu-ray collection.But ever since its release there have been guides and explanations appearing on the Web attempting to help everyone make sense of it all. The video above is one of the simplest attempts yet at achieving that.AdChoices广告If you were one of the people stumped by Inception, and are a regular Mac user, then maybe, just maybe having it explained with Mac OS X Finder is your way in. Watch the video, then go watch the movie again. It may just all start to click into place.If that’s still not enough to open your eyes to the plot, then I think you’re just going to have to wait for the video game Chris Nolan really wants to make. However, there’s no guarantee it won’t just cause more confusion.via

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