Saints Row The Third breaks all the rules in the name of

first_imgIn case you missed the video from E3, Volition are deep into development of Saints Row 3, and boy is it looking good.When Drew Holmes introduces the video above as the most ridiculous and over the top experience in gaming, he isn’t kidding. By the end of the seven and a half minute gameplay trailer you will believe him.AdChoices广告What Volition have done is remove any need to progress your character, build up his skills, or limit his access to weapons and vehicles. From the moment your start the game your character is fully kitted out with weapons, comedic yet very effective melee moves, and access to a vast array of fast cars, tanks, and hovering aircraft with microwave laser weapons and homing missiles. All this and you are top dog in an elite criminal organization.While this is clearly a game for those with no patience, it also looks rather stunning. The city is huge, everything renders in crisp HD, and it runs at a fast clip regardless of whether you’re walking down the street using the Apocafist, doing 200mph in a sports car, or jumping out of a plane and pulling your parachute at the last minute.Everything seems to have been done to refine the Saints Row formula while keeping it both funny and fun to play. All that needs to be delivered now is a solid gameplay experience for a character that seems to need no development or help dealing with the enemy, whatever form they take.Saints Row 3, or Saints Row The Third as it is also called, will be available on November 15 in the U.S. and three days later across Europe. Will you be picking it up?via CVGlast_img

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