Nexus 7 cases accessories to start arriving in Staples this week

first_imgAn unfortunate side affect of owning an Android tablet is a lack of accessories. Compared to the iPad, which has more accessories than any small nation of people could own, most Android tablets usually don’t get much more than a case or screen protector. With the Nexus 7, an Android tablet is believed to have had impressive sales volume, there is hope that there will be a wide range of accessories. According to several sources we’ve contacted, Staples stores around the US will start selling multiple accessories for the Nexus 7 next week.Starting with the Nexus 7 case made by Asus, and currently listed as “coming soon” on Google Play, Staples will be adding accessories to their shelves throughout this coming week. The official case is expected to be available in many locations on July 22.Asus’ case will be available for $19.99, and it’s still unclear as to whether or not the case offers a magnetic “smart case” function.Aside from accessories, Staples will also be offering their extended warranties for the Nexus 7. Their 2-year non-accidental plan for the tablet is $90, and offers an extension over the existing 1yr limited warranty offered by Asus. Staples also offers a 2-year warranty for $150 that covers significantly more. Should the device take any damage, the tablet will be replaced. If the tablet is damaged again, Staples offers a gift card for the amount paid on the tablet.last_img

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