Call of Duty Ghosts needs 50GB of hard drive space blame 4K

first_imgLast week, and just before the release delay was confirmed, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs on PC would require 6GB of RAM to be playable. It looks like that may be a growing trend for new games as Call of Duty: Ghosts will also require 6GB, but there’s another (massive) prerequisite to playing Infinity Ward’s new game.Nvidia posted the minimum system requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts on its GeForce website last week. The specs all look pretty typical for a new game in 2013. That is, until you get to the hard drive requirement. The minimum space required to play Ghosts is a whopping 50GB of space. Compare that to Watch Dogs which only requires 20GB.This 50GB requirement seems likely to only be the case for the PC version of the game. Eurogamer has speculated that the massive space requirement is due to the size of the textures included on the disc. Nvidia is pushing 4K gaming as a thing right now, and Ghosts is one of the games that will support such high resolution gaming. But to hit that resolution, you need the textures to support it. As both the PS4 and Xbox One will be sticking with 1080p games, the storage requirements should be much lower.If you intend to take advantage of the 4K option when playing then you’ll definitely need a high-end rig. For everyone else, here’s the minimum system requirements in full:Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 (2.66GHz) or AMD Phenom X3 8750 (2.4GHz)Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 58706GB RAM50GB HDDWindows 7 or Windows 8 (both must be 64-bit)last_img

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