Seagates Xbox One SSD Stores 15 Games For 200

first_imgOwning a PS4 and Xbox One gives gamers access to the latest games, but it also forms a bit of a management headache. That’s because the hard drive these consoles ship with is quite limited in terms of size. When digital copies of games regularly hit 50GB and your hard drive is 500GB or 1TB, it doesn’t take long before you’re forced to decide what to delete.Seagate thinks it has a solution for Xbox One owners, but it also thinks gamers will be willing to pay $200 for some extra storage and the promise of faster load times. I’m not so sure.Seagate is set to start shipping the Game Drive for Xbox SSD this month. It’s an external drive that plugs into the front or back of your Xbox One and unlocks an extra 512GB of storage. Seagate claims that’s enough to store 15 games including all their DLC. Apparently the drive also cuts down on load times with transfer speeds of up to 440MB/s. That may be true because it’s an SSD, but surely it won’t bring load times down that much seeing as the drive is connected over USB.If you’re concerned about storage then Seagate has a better option in my opinion in the form of the HDD version of this Game Drive. It’s pretty much the same offering, but with a hard drive inside and for less money. The 2TB version costs $86.99 and the 4TB version is $149.99. That larger drive is still $50 cheaper than the SSD Game Drive and offers 8x the storage. It is going to be slower, but no more so than the internal drive.last_img

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