Is Missy a Cyberman Michelle Gomez Teases Alternate Doctor Who Plot

first_imgMichelle Gomez’s Mistress is one of the finest Doctor Who characters of the revival series.But is the enigmatic Time Lord hiding an important secret?“Wherever there’s a Cyberman; Missy’s not far behind. She might be one,” Gomez teased during a recent chat with “The Fan Show”‘s Christel Dee.The original Mondasian Cybermen are set to return for the last two episodes of season 10, though Gomez declined to confirm her character’s association with the “less streamlined” robots.Missy teamed up with the murderous cyborgs at the end of series eight, when she released an army of the modernized androids to deploy particles that convert compatible organic matter—living or dead—into a new Cyberman.Now, after more than 50 years off the air, the original version of the deadly enemies return for a two-part finale written by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay.“Does she [Missy] have something to do with the Mondasian Cybermen coming back?” Dee asked Gomez, who slyly shuts down the question.“I can’t tell you that!” she responds, adding that, “I think they’re great. I think they’re really super.”Gomez last week announced plans to leave Doctor Who at the end of season 10, joining exiting “pals” Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi.“I wouldn’t want to be the Master to anybody else. Because I’ve really, really enjoyed disturbing Peter/the Doctor,” she told Dee. “I just don’t know who I’m gonna get to annoy like that again, quite as much. Apart from my husband, obviously, and my close family and friends.”The Scottish actor, who has appeared in only a handful of episodes since her debut as the gender-bending Master in 2014, consistently brings style, charisma, levity, and a chilling brilliance to the show.Michelle Gomez as Missy (via BBC)And it’s not over yet. In Saturday’s episode “Extremis,” Missy—now a prisoner on Carnathon, facing her death at the hands of the Doctor—promises to be good.“I promise. I’ll turn good, please. Teach me how to be good,” the self-proclaimed queen of evil begged for mercy.“If you’re just playing one thing all of the time, it gets a bit dull, and a bit tiresome,” Gomez explained, when asked if it’s been fun to explore that alternate side of her character. “So it has been wonderful to be able to explore what Missy’s reactions might be if she were ever to have a conscience.”For more insight into the production side of Doctor Who, check out Dee’s interview with script editor Nick Lambon in the video above.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.last_img

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