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first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target “Rider, an ax-wielding wasteland survivor, carves a bloody path across a war-torn North America ruled over by the Lords, the mysterious Father, and their cult followers as he searches for his abducted wife and child. Information from one of Father’s hired mercenaries could lead Rider to his family–if the Lords don’t take him out first.”DEATH ORB #1(W): Ryan Ferrier (A): Alejandro Aragon (C): Chris O’HalloranI love when a comic surprises you. The sheer brilliance of what a comic can start and how it can end is always so exciting, especially when the context of the comic is so exhilarating. Death Orb #1 is a comic that guarantees every page will shock and surprise you. With a mix of Blade Runner, Mad Max, Road Warrior, and religion as the cherry on top, it kicks your ass and wakes you up. Death Orb #1 makes you feel alive within its fast-paced pages and brilliantly driven narrative.via Dark Horse ComicsRyan Ferrier can do no wrong when it comes to telling the stories he desires to tell. Something spectacular about his writing is that he can create a series or graphic novel in any genre. It always becomes an incredibly detailed and deeply intellectual and personal story underneath. Ferrier brings that same level of creativity to Death Orb #1. He provides a narrative that never slows down, but still has a deeply personal story that grips your you. You feel as if you’re tagging along Rider, searching for his something or someones with him.That’s one thing that this comic does perfectly. It takes you for a ride that you want to dip and dodge, never live in, but need to find out how it ends. Ferrier produces a story that utter grips you and keeps you there. One thing about this story that took me by surprise was the epic amount of world building with phenomenal characters laced in just its one issue.Ferrier is such a craftsman at world-building and characters. He creates these incredible foundations and develops them in a way that makes you feel like it can easily happen but not exactly. However, in that, you never know what you’re gonna get or if he’ll pull the rug from underneath you. With Death Orb #1, getting that rug pulled from under you is a testament to how good this story really is. He produces some incredible worldbuilding and laces these characters in their own personal journeys that only seem to build makes the story feel so much bigger than what you see. For example, Rider seems like there’s so much going on with him. He’s looking for something and he won’t stop until he finds it, but there are people looking for him as well. However, there’s something else that might stop that entire thing in its tracks.Death Orb #1 feels like an onion. You literally need to peel back the layers to know what you’re going and the journey may be long, but dammit is it ever worth it. With Alejandro Aragon’s art, they build this cyberpunk-meets-post-apocalypse type of narrative and effectively make it a suit their character and their world. This, while giving you a heartbreaking surprise and anticipating what comes next.via Dark Horse ComicsAlejandro Aragon builds upon Ferrier’s narrative, making every piece of his art matter in these pages and panels. Aragon’s art moves in a chaotic, action-packed, fluid way that leaves nothing to the imagination. However, within the story, it’s laid out in panels that amp Ferrier script and continues to make you wonder even more. It’s so rare to find an artist and a writer that are 100% in synch with each other. The chemistry between them blends on the pages something beautiful. You find yourself widening your eyes within panels, wondering where both of these creators will take you. Aragon’s art feels like action movie storyboards that would be a perfect layout if this becomes a film in the future. (It really should.)Aragon’s art is only enhanced by Chris O’Halloran’s neon vibe high-octane art. I don’t think anyone could have colored this issue as O’Halloran can. He creates such an energetic and high-powered mood throughout that keeps you on alert almost every page. The palette that he uses feels SO much like Blade Runner. O’Halloran carries some of the hardest reds that make you freeze and take everything in, almost showing you THIS is the danger ahead and low-energy moody blues against Rider that makes you feel for him. He also gives you bright yellows and oranges mixed to create The Outskirts that look like something from Mad Max.O’Halloran is a masterful colorist that gives you such an ominous yet exhilarating feeling within the issue. The marriage between these three creators is something breathtaking to see in these pages because you can tell how much they enjoyed making this.via Dark Horse ComicsDo yourself a favor and take the road trip with Death Orb #1. This issue has everything you need in it. Cute biker dude, slaughter, religion, action, an immersive world and an unexpected ending that will leave you legit shocked. Death Orb #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.10/03/2018 Releases – In addition to DEATH ORB #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Analog: A Cyborg-Dystopian Noir Vol.1: Death By Algorithm by Gerry Duggan (W), David O’ Sullivan (A) Image ComicsThe Dead Hand Vol. 1 by Kyle Higgins (W), Jordie Bellaire, Stephan Mooney (A) Image ComicsSparrowhawk #1 by Delilah Dawson (W) Matias Basia (A) Miguel Mercado (CA)What If: X-Men #1 by Bryan Edward Hill (W), Neil Edwards, Giannis Milonogiannis (A), Rahzzah (CA) Marvel ComicsShatterstar #1 by Tim Seeley (W), Gerardo Sandoval, Carlos Villa (A) Yasmine Putri (CA) Marvel ComicsEuthanauts #3 by Tini Howard (W), Nick Robles (A) Black Crown/IDWDead Rabbit #1 by Gerry Duggan (W), John McCrea (A) Image ComicsHouse Amok #2 by Christopher Sebela (W), Shawn McManus (A) Black Crown/IDWUmbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 by Gerard Way (W), Gabriel Ba (A), Nick Filardi (C) Dark Horse Comicscenter_img Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1Buy This Comic: CRIMINY last_img

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