Microsoft is developing a games console just for China

first_imgChina isn’t one for embracing the latest technology, and in particular games consoles. Typically the latest console hardware doesn’t launch there for many years after other territories have it, if at all. But Microsoft is working around any rules that block the use of such machines in China by developing an games console specifically for the country.There’s much more chance of success in China if you work with a Chinese company, and Microsoft has chosen to do exactly that for this new games console. A new company has been created called E-Home Entertainment Development that is only 49 percent owned by Microsoft. The other 51 percent is controlled by Chinese company BesTV New Media Co.No specific details about the new China-only Xbox have been released yet, but it is thought the console will be named the Bestpad and is based on Xbox tech. Its main functions will be to play games and stream media to millions of Chinese homes.Microsoft surely won’t mind losing the Xbox name and having to work with BesTV if it results in the billion-strong Chinese economy opening up for its games and services. BesTV is already a well established electronics manufacturer, counts 18 million subscribers to its existing streaming media services, and has Chinese TV licensing rights for a number of properties. That makes it a very useful partner to have for manufacturing the Bestpad and offering streaming media for it.Depending on how powerful the new console is, Microsoft will surely be quick to work out licensing deals with publishers for some of its most popular Xbox 360 games, and possibly even Xbox One games. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to create new relationships with game developers in China, which could result in new titles also heading west to the Xbox One.last_img

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