Renault EZUltimo Concept Previews Premium Autonomous Mobility

“As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride-hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge,” explains Laurens van den Acker, SVP Corporate Design at the company. “Embodying this revolution, EZ-Ultimo offers a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider.”Simply put, this is a fully self-driving and connected electric machine, designed to carry people from point A to point B in a luxurious atmosphere. Available for a single trip, for an hour, or for a day, the vehicle has enough versatility to cover private city trips, premium tourist experiences, or business travels.The autonomous lounge has given the brand’s designers the possibility to experiment and the result is this sleek, futuristic vehicle. To guarantee an easy access to the cabin, the concept features a wide automatic opening and rotating seats. The interior, Renault promises, is “tailor-made from upscale materials such as wood, marble, and leather for a relaxing and enjoyable drive.” Renault-Nissan CEO Ghosn Seems To Claim Tesla Still Doesn’t Profit Renault EZ-Pro Electric Concept Imagines Autonomous Delivery Future Renault Unveils New K-ZE SUV-Inspired, Affordable EV More Renault News A comfortable autonomous trip would require the best possible on-board connected experience and Renault is happy to introduce its vision for a new infotainment system, called Augmented Editorial Experience. It is “a realist immersive experience which combines personalized premium content, multi-media experiences, and mobility.”The EZ-Ultimo shares the same electric architecture with the EZ-Go and EZ-Pro, but Renault isn’t willing to disclose more details about its electric powertrain.Additional Images Here Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 3, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Source: Electric Vehicle News Fully electric, fully connected.Do you remember the Renault EZ-Pro concept from last month? It imagined a possible design for an autonomous delivery vehicle, built to be used in autonomous convoys. Today, at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the French automaker is introducing the much sleeker EZ-Ultimo study, previewing a future premium autonomous mobility service vehicle.

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