A note from the editor For nine years Disability

first_imgA note from the editor:For nine years, Disability News Service has survived largely through the support of a small number of disability organisations – most of them user-led – that have subscribed to its weekly supply of news stories. That support has been incredibly valuable but is no longer enough to keep DNS financially viable. For this reason, please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support its work and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please remember that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring, and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… A disabled comedian has described how she was reduced to tears after being publicly “shamed” by a train guard who forced her to move her mobility scooter to make way for a mother with a baby buggy.Tanyalee Davis was on a Great Western Railway (GWR) train from Plymouth to London Paddington with her partner, following a performance in the city, when she was asked to move.She had placed her scooter in the unreserved space for wheelchairs in the first-class carriage – the only carriage on the train with a wheelchair space – and had taken a nearby seat with her partner, as she had been told she could not sit on the scooter during the journey.But a guard insisted she fold up the scooter so the woman could put her buggy in the space, and then threatened to call the police when Davis complained at how she was being treated.Much of this was caught on film by Davis’s partner.It was even announced on the intercom that Davis was holding up the train, and that it would be forced to stop indefinitely at the next station.She was forced to move her scooter to the area by the train doors and had to keep moving it throughout the journey to avoid blocking other passengers.Davis said she cried most of the rest of the journey to Paddington because of the way she had been treated.Friends and supporters, including fellow disabled performers Liz Carr and Penny Pepper, and the campaign group Transport for All, took to social media to express their concern at her ordeal.The woman had refused to leave her buggy by the carriage doors and insisted that Davis should move her scooter so she could put her buggy in the wheelchair space.Davis described her ordeal on YouTube and said she was “sick” of the way she was treated as a scooter-user.She said: “Just because I have a mobility scooter doesn’t make me a pariah. It doesn’t make me less disabled.“I have the smallest possible scooter you can have and I can turn it on a dime so there’s no reason why I should get discriminated against.”She added: “I don’t know what it is about this country. They really make you feel disabled.“I’m just trying to make a living, trying to make people laugh and share all my good experiences, but this country really drags a person down.”Fellow disabled comic Steve Day said on Twitter: “I am disgusted that @GWRHelp operates rules and procedures that discriminate against and humiliate people like my friend @TanyaleeDavis.“I want to know how they are going to redress this.”Pepper said on Twitter that what had happened to Davis was “outrageous and scary” and “totally unacceptable and totally an act of discrimination” by GWR.And accessible transport campaigner Doug Paulley – who himself secured a Supreme Court victory on access to the wheelchair space on buses – added: “A disabled person in a scooter is told to vacate an unreserved train wheelchair space to accommodate somebody’s baby buggy; then is shamed over the PA to the whole train for objecting. Shocking.”In another YouTube video, Davis later thanked those who had supported her.She said: “I can’t even tell you how amazed I am by the amount of support that I have received via my website, YouTube channel, through the BBC websites, ITV websites, everything, it’s been amazing.”She stressed that she was “certainly not” looking for the guard to be sacked.She said: “I couldn’t live with myself if somebody lost their livelihood because of an incident that I was involved in.”But she said she had been working in the UK for 15 years and had been involved in “non-stop situations like this”.Davis, who is touring her stand-up show from September, added: “I really hope this will give a new voice to people with mobility scooters.”And she said she hoped it provoked a national discussion about the public transport needs of people who use smaller mobility scooters.GWR has launched an investigation into the incident and has made it clear that it “should not have happened”.One GWR spokesman said in a radio interview that a team from the company had watched Davis’s video and had been “collectively horrified”.He said: “We got it wrong, it made no sense. A wheelchair space is a wheelchair space, it’s not for luggage or pushchairs.“The priority is really clear. Tanyalee should not have been asked to move.”A GWR spokesman added: “No one travelling with us should be left feeling like this.“This should not have happened, and we have been in touch with Tanyalee to apologise directly.“She has asked to speak with a senior member of our team to talk about her experience – and how we might avoid it happening again – and we have said we would be very happy to arrange this as soon as possible.”last_img read more

Barry Gardiner says the reason Chuka Umunna left t

first_imgBarry Gardiner says the reason Chuka Umunna left the Labour Party “was that he knew he could never be the leader of the Labour Party” #RidgeFollow live updates on today’s politics news here: https://t.co/KkPO32hAs9 pic.twitter.com/u1QiyoUpIa— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) February 24, 2019Backbench MP Stella Creasy ruled out leaving Labour and said she was “standing with the Jewish Labour Movement”, a party-affiliated organisation chaired by Luciana Berger.Labour MP Stella Creasy rules out leaving the party and joining the Independent Group #RidgeFollow live updates on today’s politics news here: https://t.co/KkPO32hAs9 pic.twitter.com/nYrdgAb3Hd— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) February 24, 2019Pienaar’s PoliticsJohn McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, offered encouraging words to anti-Brexit campaigners and supporters of the Kyle/Wilson amendment that would see MPs vote for Theresa May’s deal on the condition it was put to the public in another referendum.On a fresh EU referendum: “We’ve said to break the deadlock we’re going to have to now start think about moving towards a public vote… that will mean amendments coming up.”On the Kyle/Wilson amendment: “We’re working with them to see can we have a redraft of that amendment that people could vote for. I think there’s a high possibility that we could.” The Andrew Marr ShowEx-Labour MP Luciana Berger appeared with former Conservative backbencher Heidi Allen. She said Labour had “betrayed its promise” on Brexit; asked about the differences between the Independent Groups MPs on policy, she explained they will be trying to “reach consensus” based on evidence.Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, who appeared on Marr only two weeks ago, talked about Labour’s antisemitism cases, revealing he had 50 cases passed on to him by parliamentary colleagues this week, plus Brexit and another referendum.On MPs quitting Labour: “I know we’re in a crisis. The departure of our colleagues is a real blow to us, and we need to understand why they felt they need to go, because if we’re going to be in government, we need to address those concerns.”On whether Jeremy Corbyn needs to change: “Of course Jeremy needs to understand that if we are going to be in No 10, he needs to change the Labour Party.”On the 50 new cases: “I think [Corbyn] needs to take a personal lead on examining those cases.”On the general secretary’s handling of antisemitism: “Very patently, the Jennie Formby reforms have not the been adequate. They have not succeeded.”On Emily Thornberry saying she would rather die than leave Labour: “I think it’s incumbent on all of us to dial down the rhetoric.”On Brexit: “We need to really unify our party membership around the conference position… I think that would steady the concerns that our councillors, MPs and active members have about the direction we’re taking.”On backing an amendment in favour of another referendum: “We’re moving in that direction.”On ways to stop MPs leaving, Watson said he would “prefer a reshuffle” of the shadow cabinet, but said if that didn’t happen, he’d set up a policy group of “social democratic” Labour MPs. Tags:Tom Watson /Chuka Umunna / Stella Creasy /John McDonnell /Barry Gardiner /Sunday shows /center_img “I’m very, very sad to see her go”Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson talks to #Marr about Luciana Berger leaving the Labour Party https://t.co/KoifgWosQo pic.twitter.com/yLA6jzUgRd— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) February 24, 2019Ridge on SundayChuka Umunna talked about quitting Labour to form The Independent Group, abuse and antisemitism in Labour and refusing to fight a by-election.On abuse in Labour: “I’ve received threats from supporters of the leader where I’ve had to call in the police and someone was arrested… There is a rule by fear.”On whether Corbyn is antisemitic: “I don’t know whether he is personally antisemitic. His actions would seem to suggest he’s got questions to answer on that front but I’ve been very clear that the Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic.”Barry Gardiner, Shadow International Trade Secretary, offered his take on Umunna’s interview and on the rest of The Independent Group, plus Labour’s handling of antisemitism and Brexit.On Chuka Umunna: “The reason that he wanted to leave the Labour Party was because he knew he could never be the leader.”On the MPs who quit Labour: “I have very little time for the others in that Independent Group but actually for Luciana [Berger] I was deeply saddened.”On Labour and antisemitism: “Is there a problem?  Yes, there is. How large is that problem in terms of numbers?  It’s tiny. Are we dealing with it? We didn’t deal with it fast enough but we now are and we are getting on top of it.”On another EU referendum: “The closer we get to no-deal, the more important that safety net of a second referendum… what I think we’re seeing in this coming week is the movement towards that.” But… “If we’re going to the people it has to be on a real choice of something that is credible, her deal is not credible.” Gardiner referred back to his idea of Labour backing a referendum if it offered the choice of its own alternative Brexit plan.On the Kyle/Wilson amendment: “There has been a helpful amendment from Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle but actually unfortunately that would mean focusing on support for the Prime Minister’s deal.  So there are talks going on with them, I hope we’ll find a way through.”last_img read more

33 Arrests Chaos as Supporters of Hunger Strikers and Sheriffs Deputies Clash

first_imgCaptain Edwin James with the sheriff’s department told protesters they would face arrest if they did not leave the building after closing time. The group would be given several warnings, James said, but could be arrested if they stayed past 8 p.m.“If they don’t leave after several tries, it’s always a possibility [they will be arrested],” said James. “But we hope they’ll leave.”Drea Nieto, one of the organizers of the protest and a supporter of the hunger strikers, said several in the group were prepared for arrest but that there was no plan for arrest per se.“Everything’s moved very quickly,” Nieto said. Whether protesters defy orders to leave “depends on what people want to do,” Nieto said, but the group wanted to disrupt business as usual in city politics. “People want City Hall to know they will not continue their order of business.”Mission Station ProtestOfficers keep protesters off the sidewalk to allow Public Works staff to clean it. Photo by Laura WenusAround 4:15 p.m., some seven supporters of the hunger strikers who remained at Mission Station after the strikers were hospitalized had packed up the strikers’ tents and some of their belongings, but were surprised when they were visited by Public Works cleanup crews.As Public Works staff began to deposit refuse and belongings in trucks, officers from Mission Station moved the remaining hunger strike supporters off the sidewalk, then moved barricades that have been set up along the station’s walls for roughly a week forward across the sidewalk, barring the protesters from re-occupying the sidewalk.A supporter on the scene said the workers explained the department’s “bag-and-tag” procedures, which allow individuals to retrieve belongings collected by Public Works from a storage facility. The protesters elicited a promise from Public Works staff to keep a memorial to police shooting victims with flowers and a few photos intact, which was kept.“They said they would leave the vigil…They said they would leave that after much protest,” said hunger strike supporter James Burch. All #Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf protesters out of city hall, 18 arrested, one of whom is a juvenile pic.twitter.com/XPMVhWpeKc— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016 Tags: City Hall • Mission Police Station • protests Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% “No justice, no peace, no racist police” #Frisco5#hungerforjusticesfpic.twitter.com/ZyfJpuZYEp— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016 The hunger strikers have been calling for the firing of Police Chief Greg Suhr by Mayor Ed Lee since April 21, and protesters came to City Hall on Friday afternoon to reiterate those demands by banging on the mayor’s door.City Hall ProtestThe City Hall protest began when some 40 supporters of the hunger strikers assembled outside the mayor’s office near 4 p.m. and began hammering on the door, calling for the firing of the police chief. They promised to remain in City Hall until the chief was fired.“ThisCity Hall no longer belongs to him, so we’re taking City Hall ,” said a protester who went by Chris and led the chants. “We will be here until Chief Suhr or Mayor Ed Lee is fired.”Protesters used drumsticks and their fists to pound on the mayor’s door for some 30 minutes, though it was unclear if the mayor was inside. Sheriff’s deputies eventually moved between the protesters and the office door, prompting the group to move to the rotunda’s interior steps. Once Public Works staff completed their sweep and pressure-washed the sidewalk, the barricades remained in place and several officers were posted at the station’s entrance.Hunger strike supporters lean on the barricade now blocking them from re-occupying the sidewalk. Photo by Laura WenusProtesters RejoinWhen supporters from Mission Station arrived at City Hall just after 6:30 p.m., they found the doors shut and were barred from entering – sheriff’s deputies said the building manager had locked the doors.But the protesters already inside promptly marched down City Hall ‘s main interior stairwell and announced they would depart and return to Mission Station. By opening the doors to leave, they allowed the wave of protesters who had previously been locked out to enter.A scuffle between a protester and sheriff’s deputy ensued, prompting angry shouting and more chants. Eventually, a row of deputies blocked the protesters from advancing inside the building. The group then squared off against the police and deputies and continued chanting.Scuffle between sheriff’s deputy and protester at #Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf rally pic.twitter.com/uk84GvBcWZ— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016 0% The larger group of some 50 protesters inside City Hall and dozens more outside squared off against a line of deputies amassed near the entrance doors, while the smaller group continued chanting from further within. The larger group held their place for more than 90 minutes as deputies arrested everyone in the smaller group.Deputies then turned their attention to the larger group near the doors, pushing them against the entrance and moving them outside. At least one protester was arrested as protesters pushed back against the line of deputies. They were eventually all pushed outside, where they descended the City Hall steps and squared off against deputies again without incident.The charges for the protesters were unlawful assembly, trespassing, and resisting arrest, according to Captain Paul Miyamoto of the sheriff’s department, and may include other charges. Those arrested were taken to the county jail at 850 Bryant St.The protest followed two actions by groups of supporters of the five hunger strikers known as the Frisco Five, who have been camped outside of the Mission District police station for 16 days but were taken to the hospital for monitoring on Friday morning.Sheriff’s deputies push protesters, journalists onto ground at #Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf rally pic.twitter.com/meczDhMwrb— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016 There, they continued chanting for another hour, referencing the hunger strikers and their hospitalization earlier in the day. All five strikers were taken by their doctors to the hospital for monitoring and said they will continue their strike from there.“Mayor Ed Lee is watching our community members die,” said Camilla Safiya, one of the protesters, who said the mayor would “rather they die than fire Chief Suhr.”“Enough is enough, we need Mayor Ed Lee to fire Chief Suhr, because we are on day 16, day 16 of a hunger strike,” she said.The group then moved back outside the mayor’s office, where they stayed for several hours, chanting and blaring music.#Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf protest at #SF city hall outside mayor’s office. pic.twitter.com/Eha37SdRVL— Mission Local (@MLNow) May 7, 2016center_img Takedown of protester at #Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf rally pic.twitter.com/Q8eQNXWMgP— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016 #Frisco5 supporters chanting “Shut it down!” at #sf city hall #hungerforjusticesf pic.twitter.com/Tcl6g3yUDW— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 6, 2016 The more than 100 protesters were splintered into two groups by deputies: one larger group near theCity Hall entrance that flowed outside of the building and another group of some 17 protesters further inside the building. The smaller group was surrounded by deputies near a desk, and protesters there locked arms with one another to form a circle.Protesters from the smaller group were eventually separated out one by one by deputies, sometimes violently, and all were eventually arrested. Some resisted arrest and shoved back against deputies but were subdued. As word of the sweep spread among hunger strike supporters, more of them arrived at the station, beginning to chant and to shout at officers. At one point, traffic was blocked in both directions on Valencia Street between 17th and 18th streets, and one tech shuttle was halted and had to back out of the block to be rerouted.Some time after protesters cleared out of one traffic lane, a few returned to block it anew. A brief argument developed between officers on motorcycles trying to convince them to clear out, but no physical altercation developed and no arrests were made. A protest at City Hall on Friday night saw dozens of protesters and several journalists shoved and manhandled by sheriff’s deputies who arrested 33 people, including one juvenile. Swarms of deputies wearing riot helmets and armed with batons pushed back protesters who had squared off against them inside city hall.Several scuffles broke out between protesters and deputies, who used their batons to corral the resistant crowds, oftentimes pushing individual protesters against columns and the two security desks that flank the City Hall entrance. Crowds pushed back against the lines of deputies attempting to advance them towards the city hall exit.Some protesters were roughly arrested by deputies. One man was dragged across the floor by his arms by deputies before being zip tied and taken away.At least three reporters were pushed on the floor and against desks by deputies despite identifying themselves as members of the press. Well past 8 p.m., which marked the official closure of City Hall for the night, protesters were still in place, risking arrest. They faced a line of sheriff’s deputies and refused to leave when several dispersal orders were read to them through a megaphone.The standoff between law enforcement and protesters turned violent when deputies moved against the crowd and pressed them with their batons, leading to the confrontations and arrests. After being forced from the building near 11 p.m., dozens of protesters remained gathered just outside City Hall , giving speeches and waiting for information from those arrested.  @sanasaleem from @48hills pushed into desk by sheriff’s deputies at #Frisco5 #hungerforjusticesf rally pic.twitter.com/VzwPnv66tc— Joe Rivano Barros (@jrivanob) May 7, 2016last_img read more

Election 2018 Key races budge little

first_img Email Address After Election Day’s final tally, some 139,000 ballots remained uncounted. That’s a significant amount and, certainly, enough to alter the outcome of several races. But, with 14,242 more votes counted today, little has changed — meaning yesterday’s counter-intuitive and consequential results are still on track to become a reality.District 2: With 1,160 more votes processed, Supervisor Catherine Stefani is still holding off Nick Josefowitz by similar margins, 53.3 percent to 46.7 percent. City on track to record 70+ percent turnout District 4: Only around 700 more votes were tallied today. Gordon Mar is still up by a count of 56.3 percent to Jessica Ho’s 43.7 percent.Earlier today, San Francisco State University political science professor Jason McDaniel told us that both Stefani and Mar’s leads seemed “solid.” Quite a few more votes may trickle through, but neither of these races budged appreciably today.District 6: With 15,000 votes in the can and change, Matt Haney, who declared victory last night, is still holding at just under 57 percent of the vote. How’d that happen? Glad you asked.District 8: Rafael Mandelman, who was essentially running unopposed, did just fine.District 10: Shamann Walton is still leading by a 63 to 37 margin over Tony Kelly.Propositions: Every local measure is still on track to pass. Proposition C is holding steady at 59.9 percent. The odds of it reaching the 2/3 threshold in the remaining 125,000-odd uncounted votes are low.Board of Education: Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez and Faauuga Moliga are still your three winners.As noted above, perhaps 125,000 votes remain to be counted. Doing the math, voter turnout could exceed 70 percent — far and away a local record for a midterm election and on par with the 81 percent recorded during the 2016 presidential election. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterlast_img read more

ENGLAND coach Steve McNamara has drafted St Helens

first_imgENGLAND coach Steve McNamara has drafted St Helens half-back Jonny Lomax into his 32-man Elite Training Squad in a mid-season reshuffle.Lomax, who has been in scintillating form for Saints this season, is one of five players called up into a new-look ETS which also sees five players omitted.“Jonny joins the ETS from the Knights squad and is another player who has impressed me with the progress he has made this year,” said McNamara. “At the start of the season he wasn’t sure what his best position would be he knows now and it shows. He’s a smashing young man and I’m looking forward to working with him in the ETS.”The squad, which will go into camp at Loughborough University on August 14 to continue preparations for the 2011 Gillette Four Nations, now includes Hull FC centre Kirk Yeaman, Leeds Rhinos second row Jamie Jones-Buchanan and Warrington Wolves duo Garreth Carvell and Ryan Atkins, as well as Lomax.Out go the Hull Kingston Rovers pairing of Liam Watts and Peter Fox, Harlequins RL centre Tony Clubb, St Helens prop Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook and Rob Burrow, the Leeds Rhinos scrum-half.“We have a year-round programme for the ETS and this new group of players will form the nucleus of our international preparations over the next six months,” said McNamara. “The five players who have come in are all worthy of their inclusion because of their form so far in 2011.“Ryan Atkins, Garreth Carvell and Jamie Jones Buchanan were all in the squad for the International Origin Match whilst the other two have been impressive for some time.“Kirk Yeaman has been consistently good for most of this year and his challenge now is to improve his form to put himself in contention for selection in the 24-man squad that will be involved in the Four Nations.”Lomax and Atkins were previously members of the England Knights squad, a revised format of which was announced earlier this month.The five players who have been dropped from the ETS will not join the Knights programme but McNamara has not ruled out the possibility of any of them gaining selection for the Four Nations.“Competition for places in the 24-man squad will be intense, especially as there are also the Australia-based players to consider, but that doesn’t mean that any player is ruled out,” said McNamara.“All the players who have dropped out of the ETS should now focus on playing as well as they between now and the end of the season with the aim of forcing their way back in.”The 2011 Elite Training squad in full is:Ryan Atkins (Warrington Wolves, Stanningley)Chris Bridge (Warrington Wolves, Waterhead)Tom Briscoe (Hull FC, Featherstone Lions)Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants, Thornhill)Garreth Carvell (Warrington Wolves, Stanningley)Eorl Crabtree (Huddersfield Giants, Huddersfield YMCA)Leroy Cudjoe (Huddersfield Giants, Newsome Panthers)Brett Ferres (Castleford Tigers, Smawthorne Panthers)James Graham (St Helens, Blackbrook)Ryan Hall (Leeds Rhinos, Oulton Raiders)Ben Harrison (Warrington Wolves, Barrow Island)Ben Jones-Bishop (Leeds Rhinos, Milford)Jamie Jones-Buchanan (Leeds Rhinos, Stanningley)Jonny Lomax (St Helens, Orrell St James)Danny McGuire (Leeds Rhinos, East Leeds)Michael McIlorum (Wigan Warriors, Queens)Adrian Morley (Warrington Wolves, Eccles)Richie Myler (Warrington Wolves, Halton West Bank)Sean O’Loughlin (Wigan Warriors, Wigan St Pats)Jamie Peacock (Leeds Rhinos, Stanningley)Paul Prescott (Wigan Warriors, Wigan St Judes)Leon Pryce (St Helens, Queensbury)Luke Robinson (Huddersfield Giants, Siddal)James Roby (St Helens, Blackbrook)Michael Shenton (St Helens, Upton)Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos, Waterhead)Joel Tomkins (Wigan Warriors, Wigan St Pats)Sam Tomkins (Wigan Warriors, Wigan St Pats)Kris Welham (Hull Kingston Rovers, Myton Warriors)Ben Westwood (Warrington Wolves, Normanton)Jon Wilkin (St Helens, East Hull)Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC, Myton Warriors) England’s next fixture is an international against France in Avignon on Friday October 21 (7.30pm).England kick-off their Gillette Four Nations campaign eight days later on Saturday October 29, when they take on Wales at Leigh Sports Village (2.30pm) with tickets priced at only £10 for adults and £5 concessions.The following week sees Wembley host a double-header on Saturday November 5 when Wales take on New Zealand at 1.00pm before England face Australia at 3.30pm.To mark the return of International Rugby League to Wembley, the RFL have introduced a special celebratory offer, giving fans the chance to purchase a £25 ticket for only £10 if they book before Friday July 22 by quoting promotional code ‘4NWEM01′.England’s third group game against New Zealand will be played at the KC Stadium in Hull on Saturday November 12 (6.00pm) and tickets are priced from £20 adult and £10 concession.The 2011 Gillette Four Nations final will be played at Elland Road in Leeds on Saturday November 19 (6.00pm) and tickets are priced from £20 Adult and £10 concession.Tickets for the 2011 Gillette Four Nations can be purchased by calling 0844 856 1113 or by visiting www.rugbyleaguetickets.co.uklast_img read more

HAVE you checked out the Saints PodcastRecently

first_imgHAVE you checked out the Saints Podcast?Recently, we spoke to new signing Matty Dawson on joining Saints from Huddersfield and Mark Flanagan on his new two-year contract.To listen click here or search for St Helens RFC on iTunes. You can also hear past episodes there too.Remember if you want a question answering on the Podcast drop us a line @saints1890 on twitter or email podcast@saintsrlfc.comlast_img

TRYscoring sensation Tommy Makinson has agreed a

first_imgTRY-scoring sensation Tommy Makinson has agreed a new four-year contact with the Champions.The 23-year-old winger has put pen to paper on a deal that will see him remain at Saints until the end of season 2018.Tommy has scored 69 tries in 104 matches for the club as well as kicking 79 goals.His spectacular finishes saw him named in the 2014 Dream Team and he was part of the Saints side that won the Grand Final.Saints’ Chairman Eamonn McManus said: “Tommy has proven himself as a natural, and sometimes unnatural, try scorer for the Saints.“He’s one of our many academy trained players in what is a very young and exciting first team squad. It will only improve further this season and in the seasons ahead.“It’s more than satisfying to lock him in for four years and I’m sure he’s going to share in more success with his teammates.”Tommy Makinson added: “I’ve already had a great four seasons with the first team at my boyhood club. It’s a thrill to know that I’ll now be part of it for the foreseeable future.“We have a great and young squad who know each other well and who’ll be doing everything to keep the Club at the top. It’s a great time to be at St Helens.”Tommy made his debut against Salford in February 2011 and was called up by England Knights two years later.last_img read more

SAINTS have named their 19man squad for Fridays

first_imgSAINTS have named their 19-man squad for Friday’s First Utility Super League Super 8s fixture with Wigan Warriors.Atelea Vea returns to the line-up following his layoff with Alex Walmsley missing out.Keiron Cunningham will select his 17 from:2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Jordan Turner, 4. Josh Jones, 5. Adam Swift, 6. Travis Burns, 7. Luke Walsh, 8. Mose Masoe, 9. James Roby, 10. Kyle Amor, 11. Atelea Vea, 12. Jon Wilkin, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 15. Mark Flanagan, 17. Mark Percival, 18. Luke Thompson, 19. Greg Richards, 21. Joe Greenwood, 25. Andre Savelio, 37. Adam Quinlan.Shaun Wane will choose his Wigan side from:1. Matty Bowen, 2. Josh Charnley, 5. Joe Burgess, 6. George Williams, 7. Matty Smith, 8. Dominic Crosby, 9. Michael McIlorum, 10. Ben Flower, 11. Joel Tomkins, 13. Sean O’Loughlin, 14. John Bateman, 16. Sam Powell, 17. Tony Clubb, 20. Ryan Hampshire, 23. Lee Mossop, 25. Larne Patrick, 31. Connor Farrell, 34. Oliver Gildart.The game kicks off at 8pm and the referee will be Robert Hicks.Ticket details for the game can be found here.last_img read more

SAINTS turnaround in form is all down to some ho

first_imgSAINTS’ turnaround in form is all down to some ‘home truths’ according to Jack Owens.The winger said the side had sat down and addressed what had gone wrong in their mid-season dip, and are starting to reap the rewards as a result.And, a spell out of the side has also been beneficial for his own performances too.“As a team, before the Hull KR game, we set ourselves the goal of making each week a Grand Final,” he said. “We wanted to focus on each game and have done that. We have won the last five games and now the focus is on the Super 8s.“We had a tough period following the loss at Magic and faced Hull, Catalans and Warrington on the bounce. We were disappointed not to get a result in those games; the effort was there but we weren’t clinical enough. Now we have got that and are starting to hold teams out as well. Defensively, the confidence is there and we trust each other.“After that loss to Huddersfield at Magic we spoke about our effort because it wasn’t there and right. Since, we haven’t had to mention it once.”Saints continued their form transformation when they beat Wigan 23-4 on Friday.One of the highlights of that win Owen’s dramatic tackle on Lewis Tierney.With around 10 minutes remaining, the Warriors’ winger was nailed on heading into the corner – but was bundled into touch with defence that epitomised not only Saints performance, but the recent form of the former Widnes Viking.“That’s my job; I get paid on that wing to take carries, catch the ball and make defensive reads like that,” he continued. “I might only make two or three tackles a game but when they come they have to be clinical and on point.“I went in 100 per cent and Jonny and Matty Flem backed me up.“After the first game of the season I felt confident. That confidence was still there but slowly I started making some stupid mistakes.“Keiron (Cunningham) had to take me out of the firing line and I said to him that I couldn’t blame him; I was expecting it.“I wasn’t there and the fans had a right to tell me. I found it quite funny when they were singing songs to me but they had a right to. I am grateful to them for continuing to turn up and support us and against Wigan that was the best support of the season.“They showed up when the team wasn’t going well and now we are showing what we are capable of we want them to keep turning up as they have done all year.“We have to continue turning up for each other, taking it game by game through the Super 8s and hopefully into the semi-finals.”Tickets for the Super 8s are now on sale from the Ticket Office at Langtree Park, by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on here.last_img read more

Wilmington business raises 2K for Special Olympics of New Hanover Co

first_imgNEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Friday was the painted rock fundraiser benefiting the Special Olympics of New Hanover County.It was held at Mike’s Mulch and Stone on Carolina Beach Road.- Advertisement – It all started when customers began purchasing rocks to paint and then brought them in as gifts for owner Mike Tarter.After building up quite a collection, he wondered what to do with all of those rocks. That’s when the idea to raise money for the Special Olympics was born and the support continued to grow.“910 Rocks was a huge help, a bunch of people gave rocks for that, The Kindness Rocks project, and Wilmington Rocks, these Facebook groups,” Tarter said. “People would buy rocks and they would paint them, and when they heard what we were doing they would donate rocks for this cause.”Related Article: Rescue takes in blind horse, its BFF donkey from Florence flood zoneThey received over 250 rocks and raised more than $2,200 between the silent auction and other donations.last_img read more

CAPE FEAR HISTORY MYSTERIES Battle of Moores Creek Bridge

first_img Check out the video above to learn about the battle and the impact it had on the Cape Fear region.Visit the “Cape Fear History & Mysteries” page every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month for another story from our region. PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s time to take a look inside of our area’s history.The Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge was one of the first revolutionary war battles fought in North Carolina.- Advertisement – last_img

Wilmington Police Department swears in 10 new officers

first_img00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  Wilmington Police welcomed 10 new officers to the force this afternoon in a ceremony at City Hall.State Supreme Court Associate Justice Barbara Jackson was the guest speaker at the ceremony in City Council Chambers.- Advertisement – The new officers took their oath of office and received their police badges.Chief Ralph Evangelous said these officers are part of the future of the city of Wilmington and the Wilmington Police Department.One woman said it was an emotional experience to pin the badge on her fiance.Related Article: Man injured in shooting near Greenfield Lake“We have each other and we pray. And all you can do is do your best and be a good person and serve and protect. He’s not dealing with just criminals, he’s dealing with victims. So, he’s just got to be a good guy and that’s who he is,” said Madeleine Prado.Chief Evangelous reminded families to give the new officers space as they deal with struggles associated with the job.Congratulations to all the new officers!last_img read more

McCready raised 174M last quarter for NC9 race

first_img The April through June period included a Republican primary in which state Sen. Dan Bishop finished atop nine other GOP candidates in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.Bishop’s campaign didn’t respond to a request for similar fundraising figures. McCready spokesman Matt Fried wouldn’t release the full campaign fundraising report ahead of Monday’s federal deadline.Last November’s election was voided after a political operative working for the former GOP candidate collected and could have tampered with mail-in ballots.Related Article: NC’s Tillis is 2nd GOP senator to oppose Trump emergency Dan McCready (Photo: McCready for Congress) RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The North Carolina Democrat in a special U.S. House election forced by a ballot-collection scandal reports raising $1.74 million in the three months ending in June.The quarterly fundraising total means Dan McCready’s campaign has nearly $1.8 million to spend for September’s special election.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Comprehensive ICT Law in Pipeline for Tanzania

first_imgAdvertisement The government of Tanzania is reviewing laws to cope with the growth of cyber crime and other computer-related offences including e-fraud and violation of privacy.This was said by The Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, Dr Zaipuna Yonah in Dar es Salaam yesterday . The technical process of the laws would be ready by the end of the year.“We are on the consultation process with various experts and we hope by the end of the year we will be through and forward the matter to relevant processes and eventually we will have laws in place,” he said. – Advertisement – Dr Yonah was speaking during the opening of the East Africa Banking and IT Security Summit 2013, held under the theme “combating the emerging threats in banking and payment transactions in East Africa.”Cyber crime is a critical challenge in the country and in the region, in particular adding that the government is taking measures to protect its people from the same. “There are so many crimes being reported, but we do not have a strong cyber crime law to help the victims get legal redress,” he said.He said there are so many challenges that have been brought by ICT as advancement of technology gives no time for offended individuals to complain as things are happening through automated devices.“So many people are now using mobile phones almost half of the country’s population and so many transactions are being made online and yet our legal control is much limited,” he said.He added that with the country’s national ICT backbone well spread, so many challenges related to cyber were inevitable and the legal systems need to be strengthened. He called on business operators and investors to ensure that their companies are being run responsibly.In another development, Dr Yonah said the government was also planning to have ICT experts certified to ensure maximum security. He added that plans were underway and the move comes following the rapid increase of individuals purporting to be ICT experts without academic qualifications.“We want to ensure secure businesses, investments and make sure that our people stay safe in this technological world,” he said. The Cyber Security Africa Operations and Communication Manager, Mr Luke Mulunda said Tanzania has pioneered the ICT backbone in the East African region and is now about to set the pace by introducing a cyber crime law.“In Kenya we have ICT law but it is not focused on cyber security, I am glad that Tanzania is leading the way and other countries will follow,” he said. The Cyber Security Africa Alliance Manager, Sammy Kioko said his company organised the meeting to bring together ICT stakeholders to learn on the risks of applying ICT and the best ways to address the challenges.“We are helping participants to put in place systems that works and we have technologies that can help prevent some of the crimes especially those involving stealing monies from ATM machines,” he said.Credit: Daily Newslast_img read more

Apple To Automatically Install The Beats Music App On Your iPhone Next

first_imgAdvertisement A new report has revealed that the Beats music subscription service will be pushed to every iPhone and iPad next year through a software update.The report in the Financial Times says the move could help Apple restore its relevance in music.iTunes has long been the top digital music store, but sales of downloaded music are dropping, 12% from last year, – Advertisement – The main reason why Apple paid more than $3 billion to buy Beats in May is to help rstore its music sales.The subscription service had less 200,000 users then, compared with more than 10 million for Spotify. But pushing it out to more than 200 million iPhones and iPads could let Apple catch up quickly.The app will come as part of the next update to iOS, and could happen as early as March. Apple is also expected to release its watch around that time.Via BIlast_img read more

Govt to Uganda Telecom Make Improvements in One Year or We Sell

first_imgUganda Government has up to May 26th, 2018 to find a capable investor for Uganda Telecom Limited. (Photo Courtesy) Advertisement The State Minister for Finance, David Bahati has revealed that the government is ready to sell off shares in telecommunications company UTL to any strategic investor in case the company fails to ‘wake up’ in one year’s time.Hon. Bahati was Thursday appearing before the UTL Select committee of Parliament which he assured that the company has a big potential to make profits again provided certain measures are taken.UTL which is jointly owned by Libya African Portfolio Green Networks (LAP Green N) and the government of Uganda has been grappling with losses and debts that which have threatened its survival in the telecommunications market. – Advertisement – The issues saw the company’s subscriber count drop enormously leaving only options of providing data and landline service.“We have resolved, together with the majority shareholder (LAP Green N) to invest in new technology, pay creditors and meet some obligations to make sure the company can run and make profit again,” said Bahati.“If we also turn the current debt into equity, we could see ourselves cleaning up this company in one year, else, the government will consider looking for a strategic investor and buy off shares,” he added.Resultant from the cumulative debts and losses, the company over the past years resorted into selling some of her assets to clear some of the debts although others remain outstanding.[related-posts]Among the debts UTL is struggling with include Shs 22.244 billion with regulator UCC arising from unpaid spectrum fees; Shs 8bn in interconnection fees to MTN; Shs 58.424 billion in accumulated tax to URA for the period between May 2015 – Dec 2015.Also a total of US $ 7.06 million (Shs. 24.244 billion) is owed to Huawei Technologies Limited which supplied equipment, spares and services to the telecom under LAP Group.last_img read more

Jumia Picfare Partner to Guarantee Lowest Prices in Back to School Campaign

first_imgAdvertisement Jumia Uganda on Friday partnered with principal stationery company Picfare, as part of their Back to School campaign that runs until 10th September, 2018. This partnership is in addition to other existing partners like Sai Office, the official distributors of brands like Dell, Lenovo, Epson, Office Point and Nikon in East Africa, as well as shoes manufacturer Bata.“With this partnership, Picfare will get closer to more customers who prefer to buy online. Online shopping provides an opportunity for customers to give feedback, something that Picfare is always open to,” Deepak Chadha, Picfare’s General Manager said in a press statement.Back to School is a 10-Day Promo that promises to be fun with a whole lot of great deals for students at all levels, vouchers and amazing prices to be won. – Advertisement – According to Jumia, its customers will shop for deals of up to 75% off on Back to School items including stationery, personal care, groceries, mobile phones and electronics. Customers also have a chance to win school fees of UGX1000,000 by purchasing any back to school item on Jumia during the campaign.last_img read more

£25 CASH Celtic v AEK Athens

first_img£25 CASH IFCELTIC WIN 2-0To celebrate the launch of our brand new betting site starsports.bet we are giving all NEW CUSTOMERS £25 CASH if CELTIC WIN 2-0.You simply need to open an account and place a bet at evens or above, of at least £10, on any market at starsports.bet between 9am on Wednesday 8 August and 7.45pm on Wednesday 8 August. TERMS AND CONDITIONS(1) This promotion is for new account holders only. To qualify you must open a new account at starsports.bet anytime from 9am on Wednesday 8 August to 7.45pm (GMT) on Wednesday 8 August.(2) In addition you must place at least one bet online with starsports.bet before 7.45pm (GMT) on Wednesday 8 August. The bet must be for a stake of £10 (or more), on a selection at evens or above, on any market as displayed on the starsports.bet web site.(3) The bonus promotional offer will be activated if CELTIC WIN 2-0.(4) If, for any reason, the event(s) do not take place or are declared void for betting purposes this offer will also be voided.(5) The bonus, if successful, will be paid as £25 CASH within 48 hours, direct to your online account.(6) Usual Star Sports Betting Rules and Terms and Conditions apply, these can be viewed at starsports.bet.(7) This promotion can only be used once per person and per account. Only one bonus can be awarded per person, household, shared computer or shared IP address.(8) Star Sports reserve the right to withdraw or refuse this promotion at any point.(9) If you have any further questions about this promotion you can contact our customer service team cs@www.starsportsbet.co.uklast_img read more

STARTERS ORDERS Tuesday 20 November

first_imgWelcome to Starters Orders. Julie Collier with our daily midday Star Sports update with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Tuesday 20 NovemberJULIE COLLIER Introduces the afternoon daily specials and offers on Tuesday:<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> HORSE RACING1.40 LingfieldUnforgiving Minute 2/1 > 11/83.40 LingfieldCuttin’ Edge 5/1 > 3/1LIVE FOOTBALLUEFA Nations League Group Stage19:45 Sky Sports Main Event5/6 Scotland15/4 Israel5/2 DRAWBET NOW starsports.bet or 08000 521 321last_img read more