Weird Wide Web Shopping on Facebook a Kim Kardashian app and a

first_img Source: Design UX/UI/Twitter Source: Paul Watson/Twitter WELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Tech partnership of the weekIBM will be selling iPhones and iPads to businesses, as well as developing apps for them, the two tech giants announced this week.Logo controversy of the week Source: AirbnbTwitter was all a flutter when Airbnb unveiled its new logo with many users pointing out its resemblance to sex organs, BBC reported. This included a few variations on the logo that users cooked up themselves. These are just two of our safe for work favourites: Not to talk crap about Airbnb’s new logo… but it had to be done.— Jonathan Shariat (@DesignUXUI) July 16, 2014center_img And now for something completely different. New AirBnB logos reimaginings, many NSFW.— Paul Watson 🇿🇦🇮🇪 (@paulmwatson) July 17, 2014 Travel app of the weekRyanair launched a new version of its app that lets you use your phone as a boarding pass. Handy. Source: RyanairCopycat move of the weekTwitter has already made it possible to buy things directly from your feed but now Facebook is testing a feature that would let users to do the same, simply by pressing an on-screen “Buy” button. Source: in-a-perfect-w0rld via TumblrAbsurd app of the weekThere’s a Kim Kardashian app now, Business Insider reports. In the game, you’re just a lowly shop assistant in a clothing store in Hollywood. One day, Kim walks in needing a last minute glamorous outfit and, before you know it, you’re her stylist and close friend and she’s setting you up on fancy dates with exotic men. It’s every girl’s dream. Source: Kim Kardashian: HollywoodRead previous Weird Wide Webs>last_img read more

Two Irishmen killed in a fall on Mont Blanc

first_imgUpdated 7.36 pmTHE TWO IRISHMEN killed in an accident on one of Europe’s highest mountains have been named as Peter Britton and Colm Ennis.The two climbers are believed to have fallen from a section of the Mont Blanc mountain range in France known as Dent du Geant yesterday.The two men, who had many years climbing experience, had gone out together yesterday afternoon and fell at around 4pm local time.They were spotted falling from some distance and the alarm was raised. Charmonix mountain rescue were dispatched within minutes, arriving on scene in a rescue helicopter.However, both men had died instantly from the fall and were pronounced dead on the scene by a doctor on board the helicopter.The family of Peter Britton have this evening said that they are “shocked and saddened by the tragic accident”.In a statement released through the Department of Foreign Affairs, the family say that the accident happened when the men were making the descent from the summit of Mont Blanc:Our thoughts are also with the family of his climbing partner, Colm Ennis. Peter and Colm were firm friends and had many years experience as an Alpine climbing team, and their loss is an unspeakable tragedy. Peter’s family would be grateful for privacy in dealing with the loss of a loving husband and father.- Additional reporting by Rónán Duffylast_img read more

World record 109 terabits per second over single optical fibre

first_imgImagine being able to download three-months-worth of HD video in one second. If it sounds implausible, it’s not. Two different research groups have been working on a way to speed up fiber optic technology to record-setting broadband speeds.When the first commercial fiber-optic communications system was developed in 1975, it operated at a bit rate of 45 Mbps. Today, we have speeds of 109Tb per second which is drastically improved. New Scientist said that the route between New York and Washington D.C., which is one of the highest trafficked routes in the world, outputs “a few terabits per second.” So, relatively speaking, having a way to deliver 100 terabits per second is quite desirable for the future of data communications.AdChoices广告The 109 terabit per second speed was achieved by the National Institute of Information and Communications in Tokyo. The group developed a fibre that uses seven “light-guiding cores,” instead of the normal single core. Each core was able to carry 15.6 terabits per second, which totaled 109 terabits combined.The second record-setter came from NEC’s Dayou Qian, who achieved 101.7 terabits per second. His method did not use more cores, but instead created the pulse sent down the line from 370 separate lasers. Each laser contained a small packet of information, but combined to form a massive amount of data transfer. He used 165 kilometers of fibre to demonstrate this super-fast transfer rate.Though we probably wont’ be seeing it in our homes anytime soon, huge data centers, like those of Amazon, Facebook, and Google would be smart to start using these techniques for faster speeds. But high traffic on the web thanks to services like Hulu and Netflix, coupled with more people hooking up to the Internet every day, means we’ll definitely need these ridiculously high speeds in the near future.via New Scientistlast_img read more

Inception explained with Mac OS X Finder

In the build up to the release of the Chris Nolan movie Inception there were a few concerns about whether everyone would “get it.” On seeing it at the theater I have to admit I saw a few confused and bored faces walking out of the darkened room, thankfully, I wasn’t one of them and it is a fantastic film that now forms part of my Blu-ray collection.But ever since its release there have been guides and explanations appearing on the Web attempting to help everyone make sense of it all. The video above is one of the simplest attempts yet at achieving that.AdChoices广告If you were one of the people stumped by Inception, and are a regular Mac user, then maybe, just maybe having it explained with Mac OS X Finder is your way in. Watch the video, then go watch the movie again. It may just all start to click into place.If that’s still not enough to open your eyes to the plot, then I think you’re just going to have to wait for the video game Chris Nolan really wants to make. However, there’s no guarantee it won’t just cause more confusion.via read more

Saints Row The Third breaks all the rules in the name of

first_imgIn case you missed the video from E3, Volition are deep into development of Saints Row 3, and boy is it looking good.When Drew Holmes introduces the video above as the most ridiculous and over the top experience in gaming, he isn’t kidding. By the end of the seven and a half minute gameplay trailer you will believe him.AdChoices广告What Volition have done is remove any need to progress your character, build up his skills, or limit his access to weapons and vehicles. From the moment your start the game your character is fully kitted out with weapons, comedic yet very effective melee moves, and access to a vast array of fast cars, tanks, and hovering aircraft with microwave laser weapons and homing missiles. All this and you are top dog in an elite criminal organization.While this is clearly a game for those with no patience, it also looks rather stunning. The city is huge, everything renders in crisp HD, and it runs at a fast clip regardless of whether you’re walking down the street using the Apocafist, doing 200mph in a sports car, or jumping out of a plane and pulling your parachute at the last minute.Everything seems to have been done to refine the Saints Row formula while keeping it both funny and fun to play. All that needs to be delivered now is a solid gameplay experience for a character that seems to need no development or help dealing with the enemy, whatever form they take.Saints Row 3, or Saints Row The Third as it is also called, will be available on November 15 in the U.S. and three days later across Europe. Will you be picking it up?via CVGlast_img read more

Nexus 7 cases accessories to start arriving in Staples this week

first_imgAn unfortunate side affect of owning an Android tablet is a lack of accessories. Compared to the iPad, which has more accessories than any small nation of people could own, most Android tablets usually don’t get much more than a case or screen protector. With the Nexus 7, an Android tablet is believed to have had impressive sales volume, there is hope that there will be a wide range of accessories. According to several sources we’ve contacted, Staples stores around the US will start selling multiple accessories for the Nexus 7 next week.Starting with the Nexus 7 case made by Asus, and currently listed as “coming soon” on Google Play, Staples will be adding accessories to their shelves throughout this coming week. The official case is expected to be available in many locations on July 22.Asus’ case will be available for $19.99, and it’s still unclear as to whether or not the case offers a magnetic “smart case” function.Aside from accessories, Staples will also be offering their extended warranties for the Nexus 7. Their 2-year non-accidental plan for the tablet is $90, and offers an extension over the existing 1yr limited warranty offered by Asus. Staples also offers a 2-year warranty for $150 that covers significantly more. Should the device take any damage, the tablet will be replaced. If the tablet is damaged again, Staples offers a gift card for the amount paid on the tablet.last_img read more

Red hot nickel ball goes for the win over gelatin

first_imgWhat do you get when you take a ball of the metal nickel and add heat? Why, the one and only red hot nickel ball (RHNB).The way red hot metal interacts with various objects is often beyond our abilities to imagine without a handy visual aid, which is why RHNB videos on YouTube are so incredibly interesting. This time it’s gelatin getting the business end of some super-heated nickel.Jello is only marginally solid to begin with, so the application of large amounts of heat is bound to return it to its liquid state. Although, the way it goes down is a bit unexpected.The RHNB drops right through at first, burning a hole to the bottom of the container. Then the jello seems to be holding up rather well. It seems like the RHNB should have knocked the jiggly mass down immediately, right? When you think about the chemistry involved, it’s actually not as surprising as it seems.Gelatin is made from hydrolyzed collagen, an animal protein found in connective tissues. Heating gelatin while in solution causes it to form a large number of bonds. This is called a colloidal gel. Jello (or gelatin dessert, if you don’t want to infringe any trademarks) actually has a consistency similar to that of the original collagen. It’s not solid, but not liquid either. It takes time for the energy from the RHNB to break all those bonds, but it does.After a few seconds, the jello begins to fall apart, eventually becoming a soupy mess. RHNB wins again.last_img read more

Call of Duty Ghosts needs 50GB of hard drive space blame 4K

first_imgLast week, and just before the release delay was confirmed, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs on PC would require 6GB of RAM to be playable. It looks like that may be a growing trend for new games as Call of Duty: Ghosts will also require 6GB, but there’s another (massive) prerequisite to playing Infinity Ward’s new game.Nvidia posted the minimum system requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts on its GeForce website last week. The specs all look pretty typical for a new game in 2013. That is, until you get to the hard drive requirement. The minimum space required to play Ghosts is a whopping 50GB of space. Compare that to Watch Dogs which only requires 20GB.This 50GB requirement seems likely to only be the case for the PC version of the game. Eurogamer has speculated that the massive space requirement is due to the size of the textures included on the disc. Nvidia is pushing 4K gaming as a thing right now, and Ghosts is one of the games that will support such high resolution gaming. But to hit that resolution, you need the textures to support it. As both the PS4 and Xbox One will be sticking with 1080p games, the storage requirements should be much lower.If you intend to take advantage of the 4K option when playing then you’ll definitely need a high-end rig. For everyone else, here’s the minimum system requirements in full:Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 (2.66GHz) or AMD Phenom X3 8750 (2.4GHz)Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 58706GB RAM50GB HDDWindows 7 or Windows 8 (both must be 64-bit)last_img read more

Man due in Dublin court as part of fouryear sex trafficking probe

first_img Saturday 29 Oct 2016, 3:36 PM Man due in Dublin court as part of four-year sex trafficking probe In 2012, gardaí identified a number of Polish women as victims of sexual exploitation. Image: Eamonn Farrell/ By Michelle Hennessy Image: Eamonn Farrell/ 14,012 Views A MAN IS due in court today charged in connection with an ongoing human trafficking investigation.The 38-year-old man was arrested by gardaí in Dublin earlier this afternoon. In February 2012, an investigation was launched into the human trafficking of Polish nationals into the state by organised criminal groups for the purpose of sexual exploitation.A number of victims were identified and interviewed. Gardaí said these women are continuing to receive support from Ruhama and the HSE.At the time, five suspects were arrested and detained. They were released without charge and a file was forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions.The 38-year-old man arrested today will be the second person to face charges following the four-year investigation.On Wednesday, a man in his 30s was charged before a sitting of Athlone District Court under human trafficking legislation.Gardaí said valuable assistance was provided throughout the investigation by the Police National Trafficking Unit, the PSNI, Europol and Interpol.Comments are closed as a number of individuals have been charged. Read: ‘One woman didn’t even know she was in Ireland’: The reality of being sold for sex>Read: Six people, including teenage girl, arrested in connection with human trafficking in Meath> Share5 Tweet Email1 No Comments Short URL Oct 29th 2016, 3:36 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Two women arrested after Revenue seizes 46000 cigarettes and €44000 cash

first_imgTwo women arrested after Revenue seizes 46,000 cigarettes and €44,000 cash The cash and cigarettes were seized in three separate incidents in Dublin Airport. By Hayley Halpin 29 Comments Monday 12 Feb 2018, 9:45 PM The cash seized at Dublin Airport Image: Sarah Cox via Revenue Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img 24,816 Views Feb 12th 2018, 9:46 PM REVENUE OFFICERS HAVE seized €44,000 in cash and 46,000 contraband cigarettes in three separate incidents in Dublin Airport.Officers detained €14,000 cash on Saturday after stopping a British woman in her 20s who was travelling to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.On Sunday, officers seized €30,000 from the luggage of a Polish woman in her 20s who was travelling to Barcelona, Spain.The cash amounts are suspected to be the proceeds of, or intended for use in, criminal activity and were detained in accordance with proceeds of crime legislation.This morning in Dublin District Court, Judge Grainne O’Neill granted 3-month detention orders in both cases to allow Revenue to investigate the matters further.Also on Saturday, over 46,000 contraband cigarettes were seized when detector dog Frankie indicated on the luggage of four Romanian nationals who arrived in Dublin Airport on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey.The smuggled cigarettes, branded “Kent”, have an estimated retail value of €26,600 and represent a potential loss to the Exchequer of around €20,500. Detector dog Frankie Source: Revenue These seizures are part of Revenue’s ongoing operations targeting smuggling and shadow economy activities.If businesses or members of the public have any information, they can contact Revenue in confidence on 1800 295 295.Read: Heir donates estate of Hitler’s filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, to cultural museumMore: We asked a master crêpier to make us a ‘Valentine’s pancake’ Share9 Tweet Email The cash seized at Dublin Airport Image: Sarah Cox via Revenue Short URLlast_img read more

Youthful Leinster thrill RDS crowd with bonus point victory over Dragons

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Ryan Bailey Image: Donall Farmer/INPHO Leinster 28Newport Gwent Dragons 15– Ryan Bailey reports from the RDS FEW WOULD HAVE bet against this outcome at the start of the night, but the manner in which a youthful Leinster side stormed to an important bonus point victory leaves great grounds for optimism.Bristling with attacking intent and energy from the outset, Leo Cullen’s charges dispatched a limited Dragons outfit with minimal fuss on an evening many of the province’s young guns thrilled the RDS crowd.First-half tries from Peter Dooley, Ross Molony and Jack Conan were followed by Joey Carbery’s second-half score but there was so much more than the result to be excited about.Across the board, Leinster were superb and dominated every aspect of the game to bonce back from last week’s defeat to Scarlets in emphatic fashion.Five points sees them move level with Munster at the top of the Guinness Pro12 — and ahead of a busy, and crucial, month there were hugely encouraging signs with the province’s internationals still to return to duty.Luke McGrath demonstrated his growing prowess and maturity while Carbery pulled the strings until his withdrawal shortly after he crossed the line. Peter Dooley set the home side on their way with his first try for the province. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOBy that point, the hosts had sealed the bonus point and it allowed Cullen to look ahead to the resumption of the Champions Cup campaign next weekend and also hand the likes of Andrew Porter, Ross Byrne and debutants Charlie Rock and Max Deegan valuable game time.A flurry of second-half changes — Leinster used their full matchday 23 — sucked some of the energy out of the performance for the final quarter and it allowed Dragons add a touch of respectability to the scoreboard.But they were never really in the contest as the Welsh side found themselves being cut apart at will by Leinster’s lethal running game during the first 50 minutes.Right from the off, there was real purpose to the way Leinster went about their business. McGrath was a bundle of energy around the breakdown and every chance to restart the game as quickly as possible was taken.Jack Conan was superb and was duly awarded man-of-the-match for his efforts but it could have gone to a number of candidates. Rhys Ruddock, Hayden Triggs, Dan Leavy, Adam Byrne and Rory O’Loughlin all deserve mentions.It took Dragons 16 minutes to get their hands on the ball but by the time they managed to string a couple of phases together, they were already chasing the game.McGrath’s quick-thinking, and opportunism, to tap and go caught the visitors napping and Dooley didn’t need a second invitation to run over the tackle and power his way over for a first try in Leinster colours.An early lead was the least the hosts deserved for their bright start and it was only an indication of things to come. Carbery ran the game during an impressive cameo. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOIt was clear that Leinster would run with ball in hand when they could and it paid dividends almost instantly. The offloading was slick, handling even better and there was always a support runner available to maintain the impetus.McGrath was again the arthichect for the second try as his piercing run from halfway had the Dragons scrambling. Triggs provided the support and while he was hauled down yards from the line, Leinster did enough to recycle and keep the move alive.Noel Reid’s initial attempt to get it wide was foiled but there were blue shirts in numbers on the right to ensure the chance would be converted through the industrious Molony.At this stage, Leinster were running the ball at will with Carbery orchestrating proceedings.Byrne was particularly threatening on the right wing and looked like scoring everytime it came his way. The UCD man continues to grow in stature with every passing minute in a Leinster shirt and but for the bounce of the ball, would have added to his tally of five tries for the season.The third score did eventually arrive shortly after the half hour mark. After patient build-up, Conan burst through the tackle and had the simple task of dotting the ball down under the posts to stretch the lead further.Leinster thought they had sealed the bonus point before the interval but Rory O’Loughlin’s effort was chalked off after the referee, with help from his TMO, spotted a forward pass in the build-up. Luke McGrath was a bundle of energy throughout. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOBut the home crowd of 10,979 didn’t have to wait long for the maximum haul to be secured. O’Loughlin again was involved but on this occasion was the provider with a powerful run from deep before a deft offload allowed Carbery to seal his night’s work with a third try for the province.The flurry of changes allowed Dragons to regain a footing in the game and they crossed for two tries of their own. Firstly, Pat Howard finished off a well-worked move and after a period of sustained pressure, replacement Sarel Pretorius dotted down.The concession of late scores will frustrate Cullen and his coaching staff but overall it won’t take away from a thrilling performance which gives Leinster the perfect platform to launch themselves into an important festive period.Not a bad night’s work at the RDS.Leinster scorers: Dec 3rd 2016, 9:29 PM Tries: Pat Howard, Sarel PretoriusPenalties: Angus O’Brien [1 from 1]Conversions: Angus O’Brien [1 from 2]LEINSTER: 15. Zane Kirchner, 14. Adam Byrne, 13. Rory O’Loughlin, 12. Noel Reid (Tom Daly 19′), 11. Isa Nacewa (captain), 10. Joey Carbery (Ross Byrne 45′), 9. Luke McGrath (Charlie Rock 63′); 1. Peter Dooley (Andrew Porter 52′), 2. James Tracy (Richardt Strauss 52′), 3. Jeremy Loughman (Oisin Heffernan 52′), 4. Ross Molony, 5. Hayden Triggs (Mike McCarthy 63′), 6. Rhys Ruddock (Max Deegan 76′), 7. Dan Leavy, 8. Jack Conan.NEWPORT GWENT DRAGONS: 15. Carl Meyer (Tom Prydie 20′), 14. Pat Howard, 13. Tyler Morgan, 12. Jack Dixon, 11. Adam Warren, 10. Angus O’Brien, 9. Tavis Knoyle (Sarel Pretorius 55′); 1. Phil Price (Thomas Davies 46′), 2. Elliot Dee (Rhys Buckley 56′), 3. Brok Harris, 4. Nick Crosswell (Cory Hill 50′), 5. Rynard Landman, 6. Lewis Evans (captain), 7. Nic Cudd, 8. Harrison Keddie (James Thomas 46′)Replacements not used: 18. Lloyd Fairbrother, 20. James Thomas, 22. Geraint Rhys Jones.Attendance: 10,979Referee: Marius Mitrea (FIR)The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Youthful Leinster thrill RDS crowd with bonus point victory over Dragons That’s now four wins from four for the provinces this weekend. 23,933 Views Share Tweet Email center_img Adam Byrne had another storming game on the wing. 31 Comments Tries: Peter Dooley, Ross Molony, Jack Conan, Joey CarberyConversions: Isa Nacewa [4 from 4]Dragons scorers: Saturday 3 Dec 2016, 9:29 PM Follow us: Short URL Joseph on the double as England down Australia to complete unbeaten year Adam Byrne had another storming game on the wing. Image: Donall Farmer/INPHOlast_img read more

This is our weapon Is the future of the protest in Ireland

first_img Short URL 18,003 Views Feb 26th 2017, 12:05 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article And when I talk about that I’m talking about the corridors of power, the access to legislation, the huge amount of money for lawyers and so on and so forth. This is our weapon, it’s the weapon of ordinary working class people to redress the power imbalance between a working people and those who attack our rights on a day-to-day basis.“It’s not a criminal offence to protest and that’s the whole point,” Rose Sinclar Doyle tells, adding that she would not let her fears after the Jobstown demonstration deter her.“I’m not giving up my right to protest – you should protest even moreso now to protect your liberal rights as a citizen.”Comments are closed on this piece due to active court proceedings.Read: Convicted Jobstown teen to take appeal to High Court>Watch: Several hundred cyclists just held a LOUD protest at Dáil Éireann calling for more funding> Rose Sinclair Doyle at her home in Jobstown, south Dublin. Source: Niall Carson/PAWHEN GARDAÍ BEGAN their dawn raids in Jobstown to arrest people who had taken part in a November 2014 protest involving the then-Tánaiste Joan Burton, local woman Rose Sinclair Doyle was “waiting on the knock on the door”.“I was terrified, because if I got arrested and got a criminal offence I can’t teach and that’s what I’m working towards. By Michelle Hennessy There is a class dimension to this as well. With direct action protests to highlight poverty or discrimination, especially in less affluent areas, they’re going to be treated more severely than posh south Dublin protesters – that’s always been the case.‘This is our weapon’There are also concerns among trade unionists about the impact any criminalisation of protesters could have on their movement and on action they take to highlight breaches of workers’ rights. Members of the Unite trade union at a work stoppage outside Irish Life headquarters in 2015. Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ieTom Fitzgerald, regional officer for Unite, says the fundamental role of both the trade union movement and community activists is to “utilise the ability to effectively protest”.“Why is that so important? Because it is sometimes the only tool we have in redressing the power imbalance between the haves and, in lots of cases, the have-nots,” he said.center_img If I was stopped in the car by police, I’d be panic stations. I’m not a person who would come from a criminal background or anything like that. I’d be very nervous if I saw police at my front door.Sinclair Doyle took part in the anti-water charges demonstration – in fact, she sat on the ground next to Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy behind the Tánaiste’s car. It was important for her to be there, she says, because she felt the Labour TD was “completely out of touch with what was going on in society”. A protest outside the Children’s Court last year during the trial of a 17-year-old who was found guilty of false imprisonment. Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieA 17-year-old boy, just 15 at the time, was last year found guilty of false imprisonment in relation to his actions during the three-hour standoff. He was released on a conditional discharge after his trial in October.“It should be alarming to people that a 17-year-old has already been found guilty of false imprisonment because the judge said he was sitting in front of Joan Burton’s car, because he encouraged other people to sit down, because he used a megaphone and because he momentarily stood in her way,” Murphy told reporters this week.It’s shocking that a [then] 15-year-old, being politically active and engaged, goes to a protest and ends up being found guilty of one of the most serious criminal charges in the State.A new campaignIn nine weeks, the first adult trial of Jobstown protesters will begin. The seven accused – including the left-wing TD – are charged with the false imprisonment of Burton and her assistant Karen O’Connell. If convicted of an offence of false imprisonment under the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997, a person can be imprisoned for any term up to life.Ahead of the trial, Murphy and supporters of the defendants have launched a campaign encouraging Irish citizens to stand up for and protect the Constitutional right to protest. They claim treatment of demonstrators by the State in recent years (across a number of issues) is threatening the very concept of the protest in Ireland.More than 40 people were arrested in the aftermath of the Jobstown incident, which saw Burton delayed for about three hours after a graduation event on 15 November 2014. There are 13 people in total facing prosecution for false imprisonment and a further five accused of violent disorder.Among those supporting this new campaign are people who were jailed for breaching a High Court order in relation to demonstrations against the Shell pipeline project in Rossport, Co Mayo. Vincent Murphy at the campaign launch in Dublin on Monday. Source: Leah Farrell/“In theory, we have the right to protest under the Constitution. When you go to exercise those rights, and put your head above the parapet, and especially when you take on big business and the State, then you can find that you’re in a very cold place indeed,” says Vincent McGrath, one of five men jailed for 94 days for contempt of court after their refusal to obey an order forbidding them to interfere with work on the pipeline. ‘This is our weapon’ – Is the future of the protest in Ireland under threat? Ahead of the trial of a number of Jobstown protesters, activists have urged members of the public to stand up for their right to demonstrate. Share Tweet Email Sunday 26 Feb 2017, 12:05 AM And you get everything thrown at you – and I mean everything.“All we were trying to do is protect our homes and our families,” Willie Corduff, another one of the ‘Rossport 5′ adds.Public order arrestsAlso supporting Jobstown protesters is Greyhound worker Ray Reilly, who believes he and his colleagues know “exactly what they went through”. No Comments “It shouldn’t happen…”He pointed out that he and other aggrieved workers had regularly blocked trucks from entering and leaving sites, but they had not been arrested. Independent Dublin councillor Cieran Perry was, however, arrested at one of these protests in September 2014. He faced two public order charges that were later struck out as the judge ruled there was not sufficient evidence.Similarly, in February last year, TD Joan Collins and 10 co-defendants went on trial on public order charges arising out of a protest over water charges in Dublin. They had been accused of failing to comply with a garda’s direction to leave the area. Joan Collins at a demonstration in Dublin last year. Source: Sam BoalThe case against Collins was dismissed as the judge ruled the State had not provided sufficient evidence to support the charges.In May, two protesters in Bray, Co Wicklow, were remanded in custody as they refused to comply with the terms of bail conditions that required them to refrain from impeding the work of Irish Water employees.Sean Doyle and Eamon McGrath, both in their 70s, were released after 16 days in Cloverhill Prison when their public order charges were struck out. Source: rockcd09/YouTubeDoyle said he is still facing charges in relation to a number of other protests in Wicklow and he is due back in court next month.“I believe myself that activism is something that all the different [political] parties are going to have to come on board with because this is coming from the people themselves. They’re not waiting for leaders, they’re initiating these things themselves.”Former MEP Patricia McKenna warns the jailing of protesters sends a message to people: “Stay home or you’re going to be levelled with a serious criminal offence that you’ll be charged with.”“I have been involved in protests all my life and I never in my wildest dreams believed I could be charged with such a serious offence.”McKenna said criminal legislation, which is designed to protect citizens, should not be used to “oppress protesters”.‘Batoned off the streets’ According to historian Diarmaid Ferriter the Irish State has “always been heavy-handed when it comes to protests”. However, he said the authorities took stricter action against activists back in the 1950s, when the protest was a relatively new concept in Ireland.Most of the demonstrations were held then by unemployed protest committees who he said were “batoned off the streets”.“They held a number of protests in the city centre and were dealt with very harshly,” he told “It was regarded then as a new challenge, this was a kind of novelty”.He also referenced an iconic photo from 1962 of Dr Noel Browne being attacked by a police dog outside the US Embassy in Dublin, where he was expressing his opposition to the Vietnam war.Comparisons have been made between the Jobstown protest and a demonstration in University College Dublin in 1989, during which students sat down on the road and blocked the then-Taoiseach Charles Haughey’s car from leaving.Asked about the students’ actions, Haughey had later joked: “We did it better in my day.”Ferriter says: “I remember when I was a student, there would have been students trying to organise protests when visiting ministers came to the campus. There were no huge repercussions for students, they were called into the registrar or in serious cases to the president for a dressing down.”Though he said the State has often been reluctant to take criminal action against activists to avoid further highlighting their causes, in some circumstances “that has changed a lot”.last_img read more

Cyprus police make arrests in hunt for kidnapped girl

first_imgCyprus police make arrests in hunt for kidnapped girl The child’s Norwegian father and Greek Cypriot mother have been engaged in a bitter custody battle. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Friday 28 Apr 2017, 11:54 AM Short URL CYPRUS POLICE SAID today they have made four arrests in connection with the abduction of a four-year-old girl from outside a nursery school as they pressed a widening search.Authorities issued a European arrest warrant for the child’s Norwegian father who is separated from the girl’s Greek Cypriot mother with whom he has been engaged in a bitter custody battle.Police said that they had found a vehicle at the home of one of the four people arrested which they believe was used in yesterday’s kidnapping in the capital Nicosia.Two masked men forcibly took the girl from her mother as she was being dropped off at the nursery, then sped off with a getaway driver, police said.The girl is now with her father, media in Norway reported, but their whereabouts are unknown.“My client has indicated that he has been reunited with his daughter and that they are fine. I can’t comment on the case beyond that,” his lawyer Morten Engesbak said, quoted by the Aftenposten newspaper.Policing in Cyprus is complicated by the island’s decades-old division.A breakaway Turkish-Cypriot administration in the north is recognised only by Turkey and has no extradition agreement with any other country.There are multiple crossing points between the two sides, including in the heart of the divided capital.© – AFP 2017Read: Trouble for Le Pen as her replacement steps aside amid allegations of Holocaust denialRead: Woman in serious condition after being shot by British anti-terror police 14,248 Views Share Tweet Email1 By AFP 7 Comments Apr 28th 2017, 11:54 AM last_img read more

It is souldestroying to see my daughter crying every day with the

first_img Mar 30th 2017, 6:11 PM By Christina Finn Thursday 30 Mar 2017, 6:11 PM ‘It is soul-destroying to see my daughter crying every day with the pain in her back’ Karen and Sarah-Ann Cline-Mitchell met with the Minister for Health yesterday to find out when she will get a date for her operation. Short URL A MOTHER AND her 12-year-old daughter who suffers with scoliosis shed tears in the minister for health’s office yesterday as they asked when she would be able to have her life-changing operation.Karen Cline-Mitchell told that her daughter is living in limbo and extreme pain as she waits on a date.Her daughter, Sarah-Ann Cline-Mitchell has a 60 degree curve in her spine and has been on a waiting list for treatment for over nine months.Yesterday, Karen and Sarah-Ann were invited to meet with the minister to discuss her case, but they said they left “with no new answers” or clarity as to when she will get treatment.“She sat in front of the minister and told him that she hates when people call her names and asked when she would get her operation, but we left there knowing nothing new. It’s just so frustrating,” said Karen. Sarah-Ann Cline-Mitchell Source: Karen Cline-MitchellSevere curvature When Karen first spotted a curve in her daughter’s back, she brought Sarah-Ann to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin (OLCHC), where she was diagnosed with thoracic scoliosis – meaning the upper part of her spine is curved.Scoliosis affects about 1% of children and adolescents in Ireland. The condition can also affect adults. It causes an abnormal curve of the spine or backbone.Scoliosis Ireland notes the curve can bend to the left or to the right and can be in the lower part of the spine (a lumbar curve), the upper part of the spine (a thoracic curve), or go from the upper to lower part of the spine (a thoracolumbar curve). In some cases there is a double curve – like an S shape.After waiting months for an appointment with a specialist through the public system, Karen paid to get an appointment with a consultant privately. At this stage, Sarah-Ann’s curve had progressed to 60 degrees.Sarah-Ann has since been referred from Crumlin Hospital to Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital in Finglas for treatment – but Karen said that “yet again, there is miscommunication”.Waiting on a dateWhen Sarah-Ann, and some 40 other patients, were moved from the public waiting list to Cappagh Hospital, Karen thought they would be given a date for their operation.However, since then, the concerned mother said there is utter confusion and now differing opinions between doctors about her daughter’s treatment.“We’d been told it could be fixed and that the operation could happen soon, only for us to be told the opposite.”Karen claims she was told Sarah-Ann’s rib cage may be unfixable and that she could be partially deformed forever.Her daughter was understandably very upset about the news. However, then another doctor said it may be fixable.After waiting for months for treatment, Karen said they have now been told Sarah-Ann may have to wait a further nine months. Sarah-Ann Cline-Mitchell Source: Karen Cine-MitchellA further nine months “There is no way I want to wait another nine months for treatment. She could be deformed at that rate,” she said.“I don’t want my daughter to grow up with a deformity,” she said, adding that she sought a commitment from the Simon Harris yesterday that if her daughter must wait for treatment, an appropriate monitoring system should be put in place to ensure that Sarah-Ann’s spine does not deteriorate.It is not just Sarah-Ann’s spine Karen is worried about. She is also worried about the level of pain medication her young daughter is taking and what damage it could be doing to her liver.As Sarah-Ann’s condition worsens it will begin to strain on her lungs and heart, said Karen, who added she is also concerned about her daughter’s mental health.During yesterday’s meeting, Sarah-Ann and Karen pressed the minister to initiate an early screening programme for scoliosis.“I tried to make the case that early detection is key,” said  Karen.center_img 10,611 Views Share24 Tweet Email Such a programme would allow early diagnosis which would then mean that treatment could be less invasive and would save years of pain and suffering for many children.It really is soul-destroying to see my daughter crying every day with the pain in her back. We just want this to be sorted out once and for all.Solidarity-PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett, who attended the meeting with the minister yesterday said, the idea that Sarah-Ann may have to wait a further nine months for treatment has her mother “in bits”.He said the minister committed to look into what is causing the delay with Sarah-Ann’s treatment, as well as determine what hospital and consultant is in charge of her care.A spokesperson for the minister said a number of assurances were given by the minister in yesterday’s meeting, describing it as positive.Last month, Harris committed to drawing up a new HSE action plan on scoliosis. While the plan is yet to be published, Harris also said a review into whether it is feasible to re-introduce the scoliosis screening programme is underway in the Department of Health.With reporting by Orla Ryan Joanne O’Riordan: ‘I will not allow this government treat me like a second class citizen’>Finally: Water committee close to a deal on the future of charges> 17 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

My old teammates will be slagging me on WhatsApp Portrait of Henry

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share98 Tweet Email 24 Comments HENRY SHEFFLIN EXPECTS a slagging from former teammates over a new portrait of him in the National Gallery of Ireland.The oil-on-canvas painting of the Kilkenny hurling legend was unveiled today, and from Thursday will be available for the public to view as part of the national portrait collection in the newly refurbished gallery.Gerry Davis – winner of the Hennessy Portrait Prize – put extensive research into the painting by spending time with Shefflin himself and in his hometown of Ballyhale, as well as studying as many as 300 photos.Shefflin was pleased with the painting – “I’m thrilled with it.”Watch more in the video above.Video by Andrew Roberts. Additional reporting by Nicky Ryan.PICTURES: With hurling royalty looking on, Prince Charles tried his hand at the game > 27,076 Views Subscribe for more videos By Team Source: Short URL Monday 12 Jun 2017, 7:06 PM Jun 12th 2017, 7:06 PM ‘My old teammates will be slagging me on WhatsApp’: Portrait of Henry Shefflin unveiled King Henry has been immortalised.last_img read more

Two men jailed over murder of dissident republican Peter Butterly

first_img Short URL By Alison O’Riordan Share2 Tweet Email 10,881 Views Monday 1 Apr 2019, 2:55 PM Gardai examining a car at the scene of the fatal shooting in Co Meath in 2013. Apr 1st 2019, 2:55 PM Gardai examining a car at the scene of the fatal shooting in Co Meath in 2013. TWO MEN WHO played roles in the murder of dissident republican Peter Butterly have been jailed by the Special Criminal Court.Peter Butterly (35) was chased and shot dead outside the Huntsman Inn, Gormanston, Co Meath, in view of students waiting for their school bus on the afternoon of 6 March 2013.The father-of-three died from gunshot wounds to his neck and upper back.Michael McDermott (60) was today sentenced to four years in prison, with the final six months suspended, while his co-accused Frank Murphy (59) was jailed for three years with the final year suspended.McDermott, of Riverdale House, Garrymore, Ballinagh, Co Cavan, pleaded guilty in November last year to helping an unlawful organisation murder Butterly.McDermott admitted to knowingly rendering assistance to the so-called Irish Republican Army, otherwise known as Óglaigh na hÉireann or the IRA, directly or indirectly at diverse locations within the State between 3 and 6 March 2013.In the same month, Frank Murphy, of McDonagh Caravan Park, Triton Road, Bettystown, Co Meath, pleaded guilty to committing an act to impede the apprehension or prosecution of former accused-turned-State-witness David Cullen, knowing or believing him to be guilty of possession of a firearm in suspicious circumstances within the State on 6 March 2013.Both men had originally pleaded not guilty at the three-judge court to the murder of  Butterly and their trials had been under way since the beginning of October last year, the court heard.Sentencing McDermott this morning, Mr Justice Paul Coffey said the only assistance the court could be sure that the defendant was involved in was the recruiting and instructing of Cullen in the disposal of the murder weapon.Having regard to the gravity of the offence, the judge said it was at the lower end of the higher range and the maximum sentence was eight years in prison.The appropriate starting point for this offence was six years imprisonment, the judge indicated. Although McDermott’s guilty plea was not offered at the earliest opportunity, it was timely and valuable, outlined Mr Justice Coffey added.The court also took into account that McDermott has no previous convictions and is a “loving and supporting” husband and father.The judge said the court would reduce the headline sentence of six years to four years imprisonment. Following this, Mr Justice Coffey said the court would further suspend the last six months of the sentence on condition that McDermott entered a peace bond to be of good behaviour for a period of four years.Mr Justice Coffey, sitting with Judge Martin Nolan and Judge James Faughnan, sentenced McDermott to four years imprisonment with the final six months suspended, backdated to 12 October 2018 to take into account time spent in custody.Recorded by gardaí Referring to Murphy, Mr Justice Coffey said the maximum sentence for impeding the apprehension or prosecution of a person was seven years in prison.The judge said Murphy had driven to Gormanston College with the intention of picking up Cullen but Cullen was almost instantaneously apprehended by gardaí. There was unchallenged evidence that, on the day after the shooting, Murphy attended a meeting that was covertly recorded by gardaí, the judge said.The court said the starting point for this offence was four and a half years in prison.The mitigating factors in Murphy’s case were that he has no previous convictions and has suffered from failing health in recent years.Mr Justice Coffey said the defendant was also prepared to give an undertaking to the non-jury court not to associate with anyone in an unlawful organisation or with anyone charged or already convicted by the Special Criminal Court. On account of this, the court reduced Murphy’s sentence from four and a half years to three years.Mr Justice Coffey said the court would further suspend the final year of Murphy’s sentence if he entered a peace bond to be of good behaviour for a period of three years.The three-judge panel sentenced Murphy to three years imprisonment with the final year suspended, backdated to 14 November 2018 to take into account time already spent in custody.Following sentencing the two men gave little reaction before they were led away by prison officers.Cullen was previously charged with the murder of Butterly, from Dunleer, Co Louth.In July 2014, Cullen pleaded guilty to the unlawful possession of a semi-automatic pistol at the Huntsman Inn on the day of the shooting. His plea was accepted by the DPP and a nolle prosequi – a decision not to proceed – was entered on the count of murder and he turned State’s witness.Cullen was sentenced to seven years in prison, with three and a half years suspended, for possession of the firearm in July 2014.Four men – Kevin Braney (44), of Glenshane Crescent, Tallaght, Dublin 24; Edward McGrath (37), of Land Dale Lawns, Springfield, Tallaght; Sharif Kelly (49), of Pinewood Green Road, Balbriggan and Dean Evans (27), of Grange Park Rise, Raheny, Dublin – have all already received life sentences at the Special Criminal Court following convictions for Butterly’s murder. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Two men jailed over murder of dissident republican Peter Butterly The father-of-three was shot dead in Meath in 2013. No Comments last_img read more

An attack on the most vulnerable HSE introduces fees for transport to

first_img Short URL ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES are now being charged fees to use rural transport schemes to get to HSE day services.The issue was first raised by Fianna Fáil TD Niamh Smyth in the Dáil last month, when she highlighted that services users attending Drumlin House in Cootehill Co Cavan were “stunned” to receive a letter from the HSE informing them that their transport service which is provided with the Local Link would now cost €4 daily return.“That’s a total charge of €960 per annum for a person with a disability,” she said. The travel pass is not accepted on these private services.“If they can’t afford it – and they most likely can’t afford it – they will be left at home,” Smyth said.This week Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy said a number of affected families in Cavan and Monaghan had also contacted him about the fees, which were implemented from 1 April.He said those in receipt of disability allowance, and who are solely reliant on the service will be particularly hard hit, calling it “a further attack on the most vulnerable in society”. Carthy called on the government to arrange for service users to use their travel passes on these journeys.“There is a genuine fear now in families that their loved ones may not be able to avail of services simply because of the cost. I am aware that in the case of one family, the cost annually would be €2,000,” he said.The HSE told that this issue impacts on service users in five counties – Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo – that make up Community Health Care Organisation Area 1, or CHO1. It said the recent change was due to increasing transport costs. “The provision of transport for clients accessing HSE Day Services across Older Persons, Disability and Mental Health Services is a particular challenge across the five counties where public transport is limited.The HSE does not have a statutory requirement to provide transport, however it is recognised that many people could not access services without HSE support.The HSE said it currently contributes 90% of the total transport operating costs to enable clients to access day services across CHO1, with the remainder being paid by passengers.“Due to increasing transport costs and to enable the continued delivery of these essential services it is necessary to introduce a standard €4 daily charge for all CHO 1 service users from 1 April 2019.This charge will contribute to overall improvements in service delivery including increased number of routes, shorter journey times and improvement in overall quality of vehicles used.The HSE said maximum cost to any individual is €20 per week, and “only then on the basis that they access the day services, every day of the year that the service is operating”. Image: Shutterstock/Syda Productions 48,243 Views By Michelle Hennessy ‘An attack on the most vulnerable’: HSE introduces fees for transport to disability day services One family told their local MEP they were facing a €2,000 annual bill. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Syda Productions Tuesday 23 Apr 2019, 6:00 AM 42 Comments Of the many HSE Centres affected in my own constituency, Cranog Resource Centre in Castleblayney is one. The majority of users here receive fixed weekly allowances, such as Disability Allowance, where €4.00 a day represents a significant amount of money out of their weekly budget, especially for those attending a centre on multiple days. Share Tweet Email3 Apr 23rd 2019, 6:00 AM last_img read more

Phil Hogan I dont think the British are in a very coherent

first_img 58 Comments Wednesday 20 Jun 2018, 6:01 AM Phil Hogan: ‘I don’t think the British are in a very coherent position at the moment’ Ireland’s EU commissioner said that the Irish government’s patience is wearing thin. European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan. Jun 20th 2018, 6:02 AM 10,937 Views The big problem that the European Union has is we don’t know what the UK wants, and it takes two in any negotiation to reach an agreement. We’re waiting a long time to find out what exactly they want from negotiations.He added: “Time is getting shorter and patience is wearing out.” Share46 Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article We’re waiting patiently. We’ll keep trying until October, if the UK continues the way they have been for the past couple of months, without coming forward with proposals as promised, well then you’re facing a difficult situation of a ‘no deal’.Just months before the EU parliament and UK House of Commons are scheduled to vote on the final Brexit deal, EU negotiators aren’t as advanced in negotiations as they would like to be.The UK officially leaves the EU in March 2019, two years after Article 50 was triggered.It’ll then enter the two-year transition phase of negotiations where trade will be debated (as of now, a new trade arrangement cannot be discussed as the UK is still technically an EU member state).But despite this limited timeline left to hammer home a deal, the UK and EU haven’t been able to agree to workable proposal for the Irish border issue. On the 28 and 29 June the EU member states are gathering for their third major Brexit meeting.This week also marks the two year anniversary since the Brexit referendum vote.EU agriculture commissioner and former Fine Gael minister Hogan said “I don’t think that the British are in a very coherent position at the moment in terms of what they want”.center_img Gráinne Ní Aodha reports from Brussels:AHEAD OF THE summit between EU member states and the UK on the issue of Brexit, there isn’t much optimism that the UK will put forward a solution to the Irish border issue.Ireland’s EU Commissioner Phil Hogan told journalists yesterday that the EU and Irish government “were waiting patiently” for a solution, or a suggestion, but that “time and patience” was wearing out.“Everybody signed up to the backstop in December, everybody wants a frictionless border, it’s just we don’t know how the UK proposals are going to meet those objectives,” he said. Image: PA Archive/PA Images By Gráinne Ní Aodha We do have understanding of Mrs May’s problems within her government and within her party and we’re watching this week to see if there’s any new changes made arising from parliamentary votes. It’s a rollercoaster from the point of view of the Irish government.Hogan also added that “I have never seen such solidarity on any issue” the way EU member states are towards Ireland on Brexit.Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly said that he didn’t believe that the EU would leave Ireland behind at the last minute, saying that EU leaders “would lose face” if they threw a small country like Ireland under the bus over an issue as sensitive as the Irish border.London MEP Charles Tannock agreed with this assessment.“There was shock in the UK to the solidarity expressed in Europe on the Irish issue.”He said that there could easily be a special solution for Northern Ireland to allow them to work inside the EU customs union, a suggestion that the DUP have vehemently rejected.“The DUP are very inconsistent,” Tannock said, citing its call for different VAT rates for the North to make it more competitive with Dublin, and its different social policies such as abortion and gay marriage.“If the DUP were sensible and smart on this issue they would embrace having an alignment along the lines of the backstop… which would make them a magnet for investment and less reliant on Westminster and the United Kingdom as a whole for handouts.”An ardent and prominent Tory ‘Remainer’, Tannock said “you couldn’t put cigarette paper” between his views and Labour MEP Seb Dance’s views on “the shambles and the tragedy of Brexit”.“I think Brexit is a selfish and destructive act untangling 45 years of building a project together and done on a slim majority where on other issues you need a constitutional majority to make it binding.”He was particularly harsh on members of his own party and their view on what a possible solution to the Irish issue could look like. Brexiteers want what I call the ‘Empire II’ agenda, so we can reestablish these links which frankly is for the birds. Some of them even think that the Republic of Ireland really should be a vassal state somehow taking orders and it would be reintegrated not into the UK but certainly in some cosy relationship out of the European Union which is completely ridiculous and unacceptable.“But I have heard that mentioned quite loudly by members of my own party I’m afraid to say.”BackgroundThe UK government has so far put forward two suggestions for how to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland – both of which have been dismissed by the EU as unworkable.Plan A involves a new customs union arrangement between the UK and the EU, which is unworkable because the EU must treat all ‘third countries’ equally.Plan B would see technology monitor the movement of goods across the border, but the EU has said that the technology to do this hasn’t been invented yet.The Plan C option is the backstop – basically if there is no agreement on what to do on the island of Ireland in terms of trade and customs, that there would be “regulatory alignment” on the island of Ireland.The backstop is part of the Withdrawal Bill between the EU and the UK, so if there is no deal, there is no backstop and a hard border would automatically go up between the Republic and the North.There have been reports that British officials have been briefing EU member states’ governments in an attempt to convince them that the Irish border question isn’t a red line issue.Around three quarters of the total number of issues that pertain to Brexit have been agreed upon; the problems that remain, however, are some of the most difficult.Once a final deal is agreed, members of the European Parliament will vote whether to approve it in October; members of the UK House of Commons will do the same.Although there’s been talk of pushing the deadline for this vote back to November or even December, the European Parliament needs three months to debate, vote on and ratify the deal, and it needs to be done before March 2019, when the UK leaves the EU.This leaves very little time to push back the crucial, and possibly final, Brexit vote. Short URL European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan. Image: PA Archive/PA Images As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox:last_img read more

Dark clouds shadow the future of ethnic media

first_imgIn light of Fairfax’s and News Limited job cuts and restructuring, the fate of foreign media in Australia is looking towards a similar bleak future. As the downward trend for print media continues, there is a lot at stake if ethnic media doesn’t move to other more profitable platforms. Neos Kosmos managing director, Christopher Gogos is very accepting of the online route ethnic media is taking. “We’ve put a lot more resources into our online content. It’s now possibly a bigger audience than our print editions. The next stage for us is to look at other online mediums.” Neos Kosmos is one of the few Australian foreign media who has expanded to social networks like twitter and facebook. There is new hope for more exposure and subscriptions with mobile platforms and tablet applications. Tony Kazzi, the editor of El Telegraph, the largest Lebanese and Arab tri-weekly newspaper in Australia feels there is a bleak future for all ethnic media if they don’t adapt. Even though the paper has increased by 11 per cent over two years with the introduction of online content and a daily newspaper, the editor doesn’t see the paper having a safe future. “There is no immigration now. The immigration has stopped. When the people who read us get old after 10 years, I think we will have a disastrous future,” Kazzi says. With a lack of funding from the government in recent years, the fate of commercial ethnic media seems to rely on its diminishing niche audience. With more than one in five Australians citizens now from an ethnic background it would seem the target audience should be increasing. Sadly for foreign language newspapers, the migrants who have the language skills to read journalistic writing are ageing. Kostas Nikolopoulos, deputy editor of Neos Kosmos is realistic about future growth. “There is no renewal of the population, hence our market doesn’t grow bigger”, he says. He mentions that for the first time there are more second and third generation Greek Australians than Greek born Australians. With second and third generation Australians preferring to get their international media from other sources like the internet and more global news networks, the audience for local ethnic media is not renewing. Like mainstream media, restructuring and new additions will chase a bigger market and will provide much needed revenue. Shifting to online has many foreign media outlets in Australia reach community members directly and raise more revenue via advertising. Surak Doungruapana, editor for Thai Oz, the first Thai newspaper in Australia has seen more than 500 hits a day on his website in addition to a wide circulation. He says the paper still rests on their newspaper work but “now includes more on the website”. Without finding a successful way to monetise online content, both mainstream and ethnic media might be looking towards introducing online subscriptions. Fairfax is set to introduce subscriber only content on their website, and News Limited papers have already introduced paid subscriptions. For ethnic media, the options could vary. As many online hits come from overseas users, papers could introduce paid entry for overseas users. For Paola Rossetti, the editorial assistant for Italian newspaper Il Globo, sees the future of the paper directly linked to the community’s changing interests. “It depends a lot on how the community will evolve,” she says. Staying ahead of consumer demand is a tough job when funding from the government is lacking. Two years ago the then Labour State government promised ethnic media $1 million funding if re-elected. That never happened and the funds never reached impoverished media groups. The purpose of ethnic media might have changed over the years – from a reliable source of the happenings in a newcomer’s home country to a comprehensive snapshot of the ethnic community’s issues – but its importance has not. Ms Rossetti believes there is much to be loved about ethnic media. “As long as we cherish the view of Australia as a multicultural society, then I think that in that context the ethnic media has a very important role to play,” she says. As advocates for different communities in Australia, ethnic media is an integral part of our multicultural landscape. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Investment – getting the mix right

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Retirement investors need to learn an approach called ‘portfolio optimisation’. It’s something the professional fund managers aim for, but they create funds that suit many investors, whereas you can tailor a portfolio that is optimised for your own needs. There are three factors in portfolio optimisation, a concept that is the specialty of the RP Data-Rismark economist, Chris Joye. The first is your target return. This is the return you want from all of your investments when you retire. Start with an actual sum so you can track back and find the annual rate of return you are aiming for. This is where you start deciding what kind of assets and what kind of yields are in your portfolio. Which brings us to the second factor: your risk. There are many ways of defining risk, and many that are marketed to us. But if you are not a professional I think its quite reasonable to see risk like this: it’s the risk that you won’t get back as much as you put in. This is not scare mongering. As you age, you have less margin to earn-back the money you lost on an investment and the risk you face is that you might go backwards when you can’t afford to. The third factor in portfolio optimisation is one of correlation. That is, you can insulate the risk in one type of asset by investing in a different asset with an unrelated risk characteristic. Bearing in mind these factors, it’s fascinating to read Chris Joye’s research into which asset-mixes performed best from 1982-2012. For non-home owners over this 30-year period, who opted to buy one investment property, this was their optimised portfolio: 46.8 per cent in cash; 36 per cent in Australian government bonds; 9.2 per cent in Aussie shares and 8 per cent in the investment property. Did you notice what weighting Aussie shares had in this optimum portfolio? The optimum investment portfolio for home owners 1982-2012 is also interesting: the family home plus one investment property should have been 60 per cent of the portfolio, 21.9 per cent should have been cash, 10.9 per cent Australian government bonds and 7.2 per cent Aussie shares. Volatile listed property trusts and global shares don’t make it into these portfolios while cash and bonds have a heavy weighting. Exercises such as these are valuable to the independent investor because they illustrate what performs long-term, and Chris Joye’s figures are presented as a mix – an optimised portfolio with a high degree of uncorrelated investment. I’ve been predicting for a while now that Australians are going to move their retirement savings to fixed income investments such as cash and bonds. Fixed income products have reasonably high returns with nowhere near the volatility of equities. And as Chris Joye’s research shows, they seem to be a good portfolio fit with property ownership. Always get advice, but if you don’t, start thinking in terms of portfolio optimisation. * Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on any queries you may have or check for your nearest branch.last_img read more